8 Things to Know Before Buying a Portable Generator

A yamaha portable generator in the snowA portable generator is a great item to acquire but finding the right one can be a very overwhelming task. Understanding your needs and expectations will be very important in buying the best product. Homes with portable generators experience more convenience in terms of power supply than those without.

Power blackouts can occur at any time and having a backup source of electricity is very essential. In addition, because of portability, camping and other outdoor activities are much more fun. People feel more secure in remote camping areas knowing that they have the modern convenience of electricity. A handyman may also require alternative source of power for jobs where convectional power sources do not reach.

There are many models of the portable generator in the current markets and therefore it is imperative that you choose one that is both economical and will offer great operation service. The most expensive generator may not be the right match for you and getting it will only cause future regrets. Take into consideration these factors to ensure that you will have the perfect portable generator.

1. Fuel Tank Capacity

The capacity of the fuel tank will determine how long the generator can run before a refuel is needed. The least amount of fuel that an average and simple generator should hold is about five gallons for average functionality. This is sufficient for about seven hours running time. Different generator will have different consumption rates. When purchasing, ensure that it is optimized for maximum power output and efficient use of fuel. Some generators are capable of running for hours only on a single gallon. However, these models are also expensive compared to the less efficient ones. Compare your long-term budget to your short-term savings.

The type of fuel that is used should also be explored before buying a portable generator. While most are gasoline powered, there are models that are capable of utilizing liquid propane and even natural gas. Each model has its benefits and drawbacks. Ensure that the gasoline models do not emit high amounts of harmful exhaust and favor the ones that burn fuel cleanly. Natural gas models are the most convenient within the house because they can be connected to the gas line. However, it would make no sense for portability.

2. Power Output

It is important to understand your power needs and match them to the right generators. Most portable generators may not have sufficient power output to run everything in a house but most are capable of supporting multiple appliances. Consider the type of engine that is used in different designs and compare with the amount that you need. Better designs will be more expensive but you might find it more suitable for your purpose. Research diligently before you purchase or ask the product sales person to make certain that you have the best deal possible.

3. Weight and Portability

If the generator is going to be carried about, it is important to have true portability. Some generators may fall under the large category of portable but in reality, they are difficult to tote around. If the generator is for commercial purposes such as renovations and construction, you will require a very light one or if heavier, one with functional wheels. If the light generator is powerful enough, remember that the cost will be much higher. What you need to ask is whether you need your portable generator to be really portable.

4. User Convenience

Some models of portable generators are really hard to start. For instance, the starter rope design requires arm strength as well as some skill. For your convenience, choose one that starts with a simple touch starter. This switch should enable you to switch the power output to the most fitting levels for the appliances in the house. To enhance your use, consider buying a kit that will make carrying the generator easier.

5. Durability of the Generator

A portable generator is a long-term investment and should therefore last long with impeccable power service. The amount of money that is used should be worth the item that you get. Get a generator with a solid metal body that is resistant to denting. Denting of the out build will affect the inner delicate items and reduce the efficiency of service. If the generator is to be used in areas where stability of conventional electricity is low, choose a reinforced engine that will not wear out from the frequency of use.

6. Status of the Manufacturer

Even with a glowing list of great specifications, it is important to take into account the reputation of the company from which it came. If the company has not been in business for long, the product should be approached with caution. Buy a portable generator from a company that has a lot of experience in dealing with different types of generator. This way, you will learn from customer reviews what its weaknesses and strength are. If there is a problem, you are more likely to find reliable customer support from a manufacturer who has served longer. Watch out for any models that receive bad ratings by studying various forums that discuss such issues.

7. Maintenance Needs

There are models of the portable generators that require constant care and maintenance. This is a big inconvenience for the user and this need cannot be ignored. Lack of proper servicing is often very detrimental to the operation of the generator. For instance, alternators with bushes will require more maintenance than those without. Conduct research on the period of time that each generator takes before requiring the mandatory oil change then compare.

8. Additional Features

There are other features that should be considered before purchasing a portable generator. Make certain that the model that you choose has noise reduction features. Generators are known for their disturbing motors and it is not only annoying to listen to the motor running, it is also pollution. If the level of noise is not indicated in the specifications, inquire from the manufacturer’s customer service. A portable generator should also have a functional fuel level monitor to avoid running out without being forewarned. With consideration of all these factors, you are assured of getting a great portable generator with efficient service.

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