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When the power suddenly goes off at home and you don’t have a standby generator on hand, who comes to your rescue? A portable generator, of course, and the engineer! Outside the home, on a camping expedition, the ‘small beast’ can be relied on to power your TV, power your tools,  small appliances and light up the night, all at the same time. Yes, as well qualified and experienced electrical engineers, we ensure that happens. Your joy and success is our life business. The portable generator engine is our heartbeat. We know it. It knows us. We repair it as need arises, on the spot.

We are the go-to experts on all aspects of the portable generator and will swiftly come to your aid. We’ll do so at the right time. In the right manner. In the right place. Our mission is one: To help you light up your home and power your devices at all times. In all circumstances. If the machine needs quick repair, we are there. Whether it happens on the construction site, we make sure the power tools, saws, drills, air compressors and paint sprayers all function optimally. We carry out quick generator repairs at short notice. Why? We are the home of experience in all matters of portable generator engineering.

We Help You Learn from Experience

We help you learn how to calculate your power needs and shop for the best generator for your home, tailgating or that exciting camping experience. Yes, we boast of vast experience. We have been in this business for years and counting. We are in the know.

As widely experienced and qualified electrical engineers, we specialize in the mechanics of portable generators. And, yes, we have gone through it all. We know the ABC’s of the game. With the DIYexperts, you are in safe hands. It does not matter whether the generator fails at the worst moment. Count on us to bring it roaring back to life. And we do so swiftly. Quickly. Efficiently. Powerfully. Our joy is to light up the darkness and power up equipment. Yes, we bring the family back to party mood. We love the merry mood. You are safe with us.

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Office address:
1007 N Orange St,
Wilmington, DE 19801

Phone: (302)336-8985

Thanks and God bless,
Alexey and team

Our Expert Team

Alexey P.

Electrician, Portable Generator Expert

Contact: alexey[at]diy-experts.net

My name is Alexey P. I was born in Poland but later moved to the USA in 1998. As a well-qualified and fairly experienced electrician, I love working with DIY projects.

As a result of my professional training in the field of electrical engineering, I am well versed with the key elements of the trade. I am generally knowledgeable with all inspecting codes and important regulations governing electrical components and repair.

I presently live in Dover, Delaware, USA. Want to know a little about my life outside work? It is no wonder. If you encounter any challenges with your portable generator while on that camping expedition, you can count on me to help deal with that decisively. I love life. I love people. And yes, I love generators, of course!

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