This Is The Quietest Generators On The Market in 2021

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There are so many different types of portable generators that you could choose from. Choosing a quiet portable generator will benefit you and your neighbors or fellow campers, by making sure that electric power is generated quietly and peacefully. Having a quiet generator makes sure that nothing breaks your concentration. You will, therefore, do all your daily tasks in a noise-free environment.

Excellent Tips to Pick the Best Quiet Portable Generator in the Market

Have your recently suffered a power outage? Did you long to have your house warmly lit again or you simply wanted the Recreational vehicle kept cozy? A portable generator is just the right wand that you need. It does the trick instantly. Sadly, this solution can come with an unexpected menace:  constant noise. This, obviously, would be an unwelcome guest, both to you and your neighbor.

What, then, is the ultimate solution? Simple: you need to buy a quiet portable generator. Happily, you can get such a generator, the kind that runs quieter, with less vibration, at an affordable cost. And, believe it, some of the quietest generators in the market are not much louder than ordinary human conversation. Conveniently, the package comes with a large after- deal that offers you an advanced noise reduction service.  You, therefore, get the quietest running generators without a hassle.

In this quick voyage of discovery, let’s first narrow down to the small generators, mainly the 200w to 300w models of the quiet generators. These machines, for sure, pack enough power to keep home appliances running throughout. In any event, be confident that, in case of emergencies, this generator will work super effectively.

Best Quiet Generators – Our Choice for Low Noise

Honda EU2200i Portable Generator

Honda EU2200i Portable Generator

  • Incredibly low noise level of 48 – 57 dBA - like a conversation
  • Fuel efficient and Lightweight
  • 3 year residential and commercial warranty
2 Champion Power Equipment 200951

Champion Power Equipment 200951

  • 53 dBA from 23 feet
  • Parallel Ready
  • Includes 3-year limited warranty
3 Generac G0071540 GP3300i

Generac G0071540 GP3300i

  • PowerRush™ Advanced Technology delivers over 50% more starting capacity allowing you to do more with less
  • USB Ports
  • Parallel-Ready Capability


 The Conventional Versus the Quiet Inverter Generator – Who Wins?

As far as low noise levels are concerned, all factors considered, the inverter generator wins hands down. The latter is a wonderful, whisper-quiet machine unlike its noisier, conventional counterpart. In fact, the noise level chasm is huge since the conventional generator is designed to run at the same speed regardless of what is powered. In contrast, the inverter generator controls its engine speed depending on the present load.

What’s Your Generator to Be Used For?

A portable generator can certainly make life easier, leading to greater enjoyment and fun. In medical facilities, use of a portable generator can actually be critical and life-saving. Without a doubt, this kind of machine can make life bearable during a sudden blackout that at times lasts for a considerable while. What then is the considered verdict? Yes, a portable generator is one essential gadget that you never want to miss in your home- store or car- boot.

Let us now take a brief journey that help us explore the key situations where possession of this critical gadget comes in real handy:

Emergency power

A portable generator helps you run critical appliances during power outages. These may include such day-to-day equipment like lights, refrigerators, the computer, TV and mobile chargers.

Construction sites:

Such job sites usually have limited access to power yet it’s needed to run the critical tools of work.

Outdoor events

The generator is a must-have for such events as concerts, outdoor parties, weddings, market venues and festivals. A stand-by generator will ensure you always enjoy to the full the best that nature offers. Certainly, you can enjoy the luxury you crave during that boating session as well as power the small freezer, radio, a mobile charger or the laptop.

The best inverter generator will enable you have maximum fun and freedom while at it.

To be sure, the best quiet generator must also be able to power as many home gadgets as possible. Oftentimes, such a machine is especially useful during power blackouts at home or when outdoors. At this juncture, two main categories of the best quiet generators are of major interest to us:

  1. The 2000 watt generator.
  2. The 3000 watt generator.

It’s notable that the 1000 watt unit is available and fairly popular but its use is often quite limited.

The 2000w

This one is particularly good for appliances that require high power, including heaters and microwave cookers that are vital for campers.

The 3000w

This is best called the beast. As far as excellent power outage is concerned, here you have a true comrade. For instance, it is able to handle an AC system while carrying other load effortlessly. Below is a much valuable list. Quite helpful for your buyer needs is a consideration of the average watt- rating for some common home appliances:

Appliance Amps Used Watts Used
Laptop <0.5 65 – 100
Mobile phone charger <0.5 <12
Electric blanket <0.5 60
Fridge 0.65 150
Freezer 0.86 200
Mini Fridge <0.5 100
Fridge Freezer 1.5 350
Kettle 13 3000
Satellite TV box <0.5 30
Printer <0.5 50
Radio <0.5 40
Radiator 8.5 2000
Desk lamp <0.5 60
Hair dryer 10.0 2200
Hair straighteners <0.5 60 – 100
Landline cordless telephone charger <0.5 10
Computer monitor <0.5 100
Desktop computer 3.0 700
LCD Television 42″ HD 0.5 120
Games console (PS4/XBOX) 0.86 <200
Washing machine 10 2200
Toaster 9.0 2000
Tumble dryer 11.0 2500
Dishwasher 10.0 2200
Iron 12.5 2800
Microwave 4.5 1000
Vacuum cleaner 9.0 2000
Radiator (oil filled) 13.0 3000
Wi-Fi router <0.5 10
Single oven 13.0 3000

An added helpful tool, as you ponder your choice for the quietest portable generator on the market, is our Wattage Calculator. It can as well help you determine the right size of machine. You can always download the handout worksheet with the vital information you need prior to buying.

How many Power Do you need? More Power = More Decibels

Would you really know how a generator’s noise level rating is calculated? In this respect, a key selling point is the rating of various decibel levels (dBA) of the quietest generator. In general, a quiet power generator’s levels usually range between 50 dBA to 60 . In order to better understand the nature of these noise levels, let us compare this with the average dBA levels of some common noises people are accustomed to:

The Decibel Scale sound level

As you ponder this fascinating comparison, remember that a whisper-quiet generator will not nearly be as loud as normal human conversation. As it goes, more power usually means higher decibels. This, in turn, means that a 3000w machine will be louder than a 2000w generator. At the same time, decibel levels certainly increase as the generator load increases.

While considering what kind of generator will ultimately suit you, keep in mind that some small quiet generators usually have a power output of only 1,000 watts, yet, interestingly, when put to full use, they can run surprisingly many appliances.

Trouble, however, is that, for you to run many things at a go, you must, somehow, add the required wattage. Unless this is done, the 1,000w machine will generally run just a few appliances at once. In comparison, the 2000w quiet generator gets to allow you enjoy more than light power usage. Additionally, it’s pretty portable, meaning you can easily carry it along wherever you want to go. Even sweeter, it will easily power such energy consumers as heaters and microwave ovens that are important during outdoor events.

Now, do you need to determine the right size for that generator you plan to buy? Quickly use our Wattage Calculator and, voila! You are good to go.

A Measuring – Scale for Noise?

Just how do you measure noise levels accurately? In order to determine this, we need to venture into some science history. And a good starting point is the origin of the term ‘decibel.’ One decibel equals one- tenth of a Bel. The latter term was coined by scientists in honour of Alexander Graham Bell, one of the greatest inventors in science history.

Interestingly, a decibel sound designated as zero does not necessarily mean the complete absence of sound. This is simply the threshold of hearing; in other words, it is a record of the lowest sound that the human ear can hear. And certain data associated with decibel measurements do not seem to make much sense either. For instance, the difference between 0 and 130, speaking decibels, will not be 130; the difference is about one billion! What logic applies? Decibels scales are calculated logarithmically. More important to us, the loudness of a generator is usually measured in A-weighted dBA’s. This means that, the higher the dBA, the louder the generator. As it is, when selecting the right generator, remember that each type of generator differs from the other in terms of the noise produced.

 A Quiet Generator Produces how Many Decibels?

As previously hinted, quiet generators operate at between 50-65 dBA or lower. Mark you, this is quieter than the noise produced by a running refrigerator or an air conditioner. Common sense dictates that the further away a generator is placed, the lower the amount of sound received.

Additionally, popular units of 1000-2000w inverter generator types are no louder than the average sound produced by human speech (50-60 dBA). Significantly, modern manufacturers tend to include noise data levels in the machines.

Before buying a generator, you should check whether this is available in your targeted unit. The sound range covered usually is between full-rated load and a-quarter-rated load. Here’s an essential point: When making your selection, ensure you base your evaluation at full-rated load, the stage when the generator is at its loudest. Also important to establish is what actually produces the noise in a typical generator unit.

Where Does the Noise Come From?

Several factors are responsible for the noise emanating from your generator. First, the generator motor usually creates heat and sound. That’s why it needs a cooling system to stabilize. A stand-by generator can either be air-cooled or liquid cooled.

Additionally, a reciprocating engine-powered generator normally produces noise and vibration that is unwelcome. Moreover, what we usually forget is that a generator unit is composed of an electrical generator and an engine. The engine segment is often taken for granted yet it’s the main source of noise. Remember, a noisy generator generally produces somewhere between 80-100 or more decibels.

Other causes of generator-induced noise include:

  • Effect of forces of combustion and mechanics.
  • Current- fluctuations in alternator windings. This causes mechanical noise.
  • Various parts of engine components vibrate and radiate as sound.
  • The engine-block and exhaust system are the main source of portable generator noise

The Noise Of A Generator Is very Subjective

Talking about generator noise, once again it’s important to note that numbers don’t make sense. Think of this simple hearing test: a human being can actually hear things at zero dBA. Further, at 160dBA, one’s ear drums will get destroyed. At 130Dba a person will feel pain.

Again, it’s easy to presume that, as far as noise levels are concerned, lower decibels are better. Far from it, how comes that you might get annoyed by a neighbour’s loud phone conversation yet prefer much louder sounds at home when listening to your favorite music? It’s all subjective. Moreover, why would you prefer one generator’s sound over another? Might it be because you prefer the engine’s humming sound or its chug-along rhythm? Again, it’s simply subjective.

Factors Impacting Generator Loudness

Many factors affect the amount of noise produced by generator engines. These include the air density in which the machine operates. Serene Surroundings, for instance, have a bearing on the sound rating resulting from operations of two identical generator sets.

A third factor is the cooling factor. A particular cooling system can alter a running generator’s quietness. This is because the sound produced by a cooling fan varies depending on factors like the operating speed and design of the fan blade.

A fourth reason is the structure of regular generators. These often allow space for mechanical vibrations hence impacting on the sound and noise levels. In addition, the friction of various generator components usually results in more mechanical noise.

Here are 6 Vital Steps to Make Your Generator Quieter

The generator is essentially a loud machine that can sometimes be irritating and pestilent. The constant noise produced by a vibrating engine can be especially a nuisance that needs attending to. The good news is that there are several strategies that anyone can use to deal with this menace. Below are 6 of these strategies that have been proven as effective in reducing the noise levels in generators:

Extend the distance from sound source

Isn’t this solution simply too obvious and common sense? Yet it works! Just increase the distance between your house or residence and the location of the generator. For many, this alone may be the needed remedy.

What practical steps may be taken to better achieve this? You can invest in long extension cords. This strategy achieves two main objectives: It makes sure that the location of the generator is not too close to your residence. It also makes the sound waves to be spread over a wider area, thereby significantly lowering noise levels.

As a general rule, when you double the distance between your residence and the generator, you achieve as much as a 6-decibel level of noise reduction. A caveat is in order here, though. While doing this, do not disturb your neighbour’s peace. In addition, make sure you keep the generator in a dry stable place. This minimizes damage to your machine.

Position your generator well

Always remember that the position in which you place the generator directly affects the noise levels. As long as the place where you actually place the machine is not level then what you can expect is more noise. The noise is a direct result of vibration sounds from the engine. To solve this, simply ensure your generator is placed on a flat, level surface. Essentially, how may this be done? Using levelling feet, go ahead and make the generator as stable as possible in a position desired. Moreover, make sure that the exhaust pipe is pointed from home or that campsite. Again, this is a common sense solution that significantly reduces the noise menace.

Place the exhaust in a vertical position

Many exhaust pipes are generally placed in horizontal position. The effect is that the sound waves spread in one direction. To remedy this, place the exhaust pipe vertically. In this way, the sound waves get directed up, instead of out.

Upgrade, get a better exhaust

Remember that the exhaust is the loudest component of that machine. To optimize noise reduction efforts, you can use a standard silencer for your generator. Don’t forget that, the longer the exhaust piping used, the greater the noise reduction achieved. Therefore, go ahead and upgrade. One awesome solution is to replace the exhaust with a car or motorcycle muffler. To do this, just create a custom pipe system then link it to the exhaust.

Build an enclosure for the generator

 Certainly, this can be one of the most effective ways to counter noise. It helps in absorption and deflection of noise. While at this, get to ensure the generator gets enough airflow to cool and that the air to burn flows undeterred. This prevents overheating. Ensure the housing is spacious enough to achieve this. Before buying one, check the different designs and settle on the right design for a whisper quiet generator. It has been proved that good enclosures reduce levels of noise by up to 10 decibels.

Insulate enclosure

Doing this creates greater barrier options. How can you do it? You can do the following:

  • Use sound-absorbing foam.
  • Rubber waffle pads.
  • Acoustic barriers
  • Insulate with sound-absorbing materials.

NB: Just in case the above methods don’t prove effective enough, consider upgrading. In time, you can obtain the quietest generator.


Studies have shown that a noise-free environment reduces risks of hearing loss and even heart attacks. Since it’s beneficial to live in a noise-free environment, you should buy a quiet and portable generator that will provide an efficient electrical power quietly, giving you a peaceful mind. The following are some of the best quiet portable generators that you could choose for your electrical power needs:

Special Note! Readers should note that Honda recently released a new, updated version of their flagship EU2200is model. The EU2200i, which Honda released in 2021, came with a new feature- a built-in carbon monoxide monitoring system.

As we know, carbon monoxide is that odorless gas that generators produce. Well, be cautious! Carbon monoxide can turn into a killer if used indoors! So, with this new machine, you’re more protected from the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Undoubtedly, Honda’s newest model, with its better, improved features, is an essential milestone for the popular EU2200i generator.

Honda EU2200i – Best Overall Quiet Generator

Does endless generator noise bother you? Well, check out Honda; it ranks tops as one of the best quietest generators. And the noise levels for some top Honda models can be as low as 50 DBA.

Generally, Honda enjoys an impressive runtime– In fact, some models can run non-stop for 16 hours.  And they do excellent fuel economy.

As noted, Honda’s latest model is called the Honda EU2200iTAG. It’s among the quietest operating generators in the market in 2021. Overall, the new Honda EU2200i has a massive advantage over most other generators.

In the end, the consumer should consider whether this is the best value for money.  However, Honda is famous for its ultra-heavy-duty reliability.

Worldwide Presence

Honda has another significant advantage: a worldwide presence.

Hence, no matter where you are, you can enjoy reliable service from a Honda service center. Yes, there’s no doubt about it- Honda offers the best dealership service compared with most competitors.

Overall, Honda is among the best. In the end, isn’t it worth paying more to enjoy the best product in the market?

Now, let’s hop in to discover 8 other quietest generators in 2021.

Generac GP3500iO – Ideal For Camping and Powering Small Food Trucks

Way back as in 1959, Generac, a renowned engine manufacturer, was already producing generators. Throughout the decades, Generac dedicated itself to supplying the large international market.

Generac makes all kinds of generators- small portable units and large industrial standby machines. The generators they make range up to 9 megawatts. Most users consider Generac generators to be the best-performing high-quality products. Many find them affordable and suitable for home and recreational use.

Overall, Generac has produced many quality brands- these include TruePower, PowerRush technology machines, and others. Regardless, Generac mimics many inverter generators of its type.

Compared to the WEN GN 400i, Generac features a lower peak output rated at about 500W.  Generac machines are operated by a simple user panel switch and the economy mode.

Generac GP3500iO’s Impressive User Panel

With its impressive user panel, Generac has done an excellent job. The panel has a PowerDial– you can use this to switch on the machine, engage the choke and open the fuel supply. Doesn’t this make everything simpler?

And it goes further- the designers put the recoil starter on a panel located just next to the dial. Yes, you’ll find this a hassle-free machine when starting up. Note that- just like the WEN generator-this model does not have an electric starter.

Generac GP3500iO User Outlets

Generac comes with several user outlets- this includes a pair of twist-lock 30A 120V outlets and a 120V 20A household outlet. The 20 A circuit breaker is essential for protecting both the 30A and the 20A outlets (the 30A features an independent breaker).

Also, the 30A breaker is only important whenever you’re using 2 parallel generators. At the same time, a single GP3500iO produces a 25A peak power output. The main breaker fitted to the generator rated at 25A. Essentially, this means the main breaker will trip before the 30A breaks.

A Fuel-Efficient Machine

Generac GP3500iO is an open frame inverter generator. It has a 3500W (starting watts) peak power capacity and a 3000W rated running load. Although it’s more costly than the WEN GN400i, Generac is likely the WEN model’s closest rival (just like the Champion model).

The three models are among the more affordable 4KW generators.

Generac's 212 cc OHV engine seems to measure up well when placed side by side with others. The generator comes with a large fuel tank that can hold 2.37 gallons. With this, the machine can do 8 hours of runtime while working at 50% load. This means Generac runs 1 hour longer than WEN400i.

Please keep this in mind: The above data doesn’t mean Generac’s fuel consumption is better- it simply means the generator has a larger fuel tank. Generac will give you 5 Kilowatt-hours for each gallon of fuel; this means its fuel efficiency is actually 25% less than the WEN 400i’s.

Generac 7129 GP3000i

The Generac GP3000i (7129) is a lightweight, compact inverter generator. It comes with a 2300W rated wattage and a 3000w starting wattage of 3000 W. This is a highly affordable machine for recreational use. Its size makes it ideal for camping, tailgating, and use as an efficient power tool.

Here’s a brief roundup: The Generac GP3000i may be ideal for campground lovers who want to enjoy power everywhere they go. Those who wish to improve their efficiency with handling tools will also find it helpful. Ultimately, it’s ideal for RV travelers who seek more independence.

Generac GP3000i’s Parallel Capacity

A 149 CC Generac OHV- 4 stroke engine powers the Generac GP3000i. The machine can deliver 120V and runs on gasoline. The generator offers its users a 2300W running wattage and a 3000W peak wattage.  With a iQ3500 parallel kit, the generator is parallel cable-enabled and can be paired with another unit to produce extra power.

The generator is designed with a conventional pull-start mechanism and features an easy-to-use PowerDial with three operational settings. The machine has a large fuel capacity (1.06-gallon tank) and can run for a maximum of 5.8 hours when the tank is full. The fuel consumption is some 0.18 GPH. The GP generates a clean sine wave that can reach 3% Total Harmonic Disruption (or THD).

The generator's control panel is designed with 2 DC outlets, two 5V USB ports; users can conveniently charge electronics like mobile phones and tablets. It’s an easy-to-connect model that has an L5-30R receptacle.

Note that this specific model is not RV-ready.


The Generac GP3000i is a closed design inverter generator that’s aesthetically better than many conventional, open frame machines. Since it’s portable, this model is perfect for recreational enthusiasts who wish to generate power.

Further, the GP3000i’s dry weight 59.5 lbs means you can use it wherever you wish. It comes with a nifty handle that's molded in the case; thus the user's grip is considerably enhanced.

Generac GP2500i Inverter

The Generac GP2500i (8250) is another compact, lightweight inverter generator. This model comes with a 2200W rated wattage and a 2500W starting wattage. Many find this machine relatively affordable. It’s ideal for recreational users and practical for camping and tailgating; yes, this compact machine can offer you power wherever you go.

GP 2500i Power Capacity

The Generac GP2500i comes with a powerful engine (the 98 cc OHV 4-stroke). It runs on gasoline and can deliver 120V. It can reach 2500W peak wattage and provides 2200W running wattage. The generator comes with a 7118 parallel kit; this means the users can double its power output with a second compatible machine.

The inverter generator is designed with a traditional pull-start mechanism. When its tank is full, the GP2500i can run for a maximum 8 hours. With a 1-gallon fuel capacity, the fuel consumption is around 0.13 GPH. You can conveniently and safely plug delicate electronics into this machine’s AC outlets since it produces a clean sine wave; the sine wave can reach a 3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

Generac’s Easy Portability

The GP 2500i inverter generator comes with a (L 19.7X W 11.4x H17.9 in.) closed design. Again, the machine is aesthetically superior to many conventional, open-frame machines. Users of recreational power will find it quite convenient.

The machine’s control panel has 2 AC outlets (the Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R). It has 3 DC outlets, 2 5V USB ports for charging electronic items. Of course, this is a lightweight, easily portable generator that weighs a mere 48 lbs.

You can easily move the machine singlehandedly and enjoy power on the go. The generator’s portability power is further enhanced with its well-designed, molded case- handle (for easy carriage).

WEN 56203i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

The WEN 56203i is yet another quiet, lightweight, and compact inverter generator. It has a 1700 W rated wattage and a 2000W starting wattage. Those wishing to enjoy the convenience of a quiet, clean portable power will find this fantastic.

The machine provides users with clean energy that comes free of voltage drops and spikes. It offers great power without the noise that ordinary generators usually produce. This is a great machine for hunting, tailgating, and camping- with it, you can quickly restore backup power.

The WEN 56203 can produce 1700 rated watts and a maximum of 2000 surge watts. Its 78cc 4-stroke OHV engine runs at a 51-decibel noise rating (while working at 25% load)-this is actually quieter than ordinary human conversation or the sound produced by the window air conditioner.

WEN 56203i’s Parallel- Capacity

The WEN comes with a convenient feature for parallel connection. The inverter generator is designed with the traditional pull-start mechanism. The rated low noise 51 DBA (is a little louder than noisy rainfall). Many rank this model among the top 10 quietest generators.

The WEN's 1-gallon fuel capacity gives it a 7-hour maximum runtime while running at 50% load (when the tank is full). Its fuel consumption stands at 0.14 GPH. The WEN generator produces a clean sine wave of 1.2% THD. This means you can safely plug in your sensitive electronics in its outlets.

WEN’s Portability & Control Panel

The control panel features 2 AC outlets; this includes the Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R). It also features 3 DC outlets. Further, it has a 12V 8A receptacle (designed like a cigarette lighter). With this receptacle, you can easily charge batteries; also, with the two 5V USB ports, you can charge electronics like tablets and phones.

Like the other generators, the WEN 56203i inverter generator has a L17.3x W11.5x H17.7 encased design. Again, like others, it has enhanced aesthetics (compared to most conventional open-frame generators). The machine is convenient for generating power for recreational use.

The WEN generator weighs a mere 40.3 lbs, is portable and lightweight. You can singlehandedly move it without help and enjoy power on the go. The molded-in-the-case handle facilitates easy carriage.

WEN’s Accessories

The 56203i generator's panel has light indicators that you can use to determine if the generator is ready, whether it’s overloaded, or whether the machine’s oil levels are sufficient. The device has a convenient fuel shut-off mechanism that you can use to turn off the fuel flow.

Once this is done, the generator will exhaust the carburetor fuel before shutting down. Further, the mechanism fights blockages and the buildup that stagnant oil causes. It also minimizes the maintenance costs and prolongs the unit’s lifespan. The 56203i features a low fuel and low oil automatic shutdown as well as a circuit breaker for overload protection.

Overall, the WEN 56203i comes with other helpful accessories like a tool kit and funnel.  You can quickly start it right away, as soon as you reach home.

Champion Power Equipment 100302 4000-Watt

Champion Power Equipment 100302 offers the type of modern technology you’d expect in a portable generator; it’s, however, not a dual fuel generator.

Please note that the term “hybrid generator” (that the machine’s manufacturer uses) likely refers to the fact that the generator looks similar to other standard generators. The machine comes in a steel frame and isn’t enclosed like most inverter generators.

Unlike many modern generators, the Champion Power Equipment 100302 is not designed with sound insulation. Champion’s 100302’s main strength is the special inverter. With it, the user gets clean power with low HD; this minimizes harm to your electronic equipment.

Champion’s Smart Throttle Feature

Champion generator has sophisticated electronic controls that enable the smart-throttle (or eco-mode). The smart throttle generally controls harmful engine revs.

The smart throttle mechanism works this way: When there's low demand, the throttle slows the engine’s RPM; it speeds the RPM when the demand is higher.  Overall, this feature can help lower the generator’s operational costs.

Yes, less fuel spent means lower maintenance costs.

A-iPower SUA2000iV 2000 – Cheapest Quiet Generator

At first, you might mistake the a-iPower SUA2000iV for another ordinary quiet inverter generator. Well, the product's molded plastic cover works well for a lightweight sound-insulated machine.

Doubtless, this is a good match for other modern generator brands.

But why is this generator’s price relatively low? Simple answer: The a-iPower SUA 2000iV is a new brand trying to penetrate the US market- it must, therefore, start with a relatively low price.

Despite this, many consumers who’ve tried using the machine agree it’s a high-quality brand that competes well with the best. Yes, overall, the a-iPower SUA2000iv appears to be a pretty nice deal, functional and affordable.

Champion Power Equipment 100263 3400-Watt – Quietest RV-Ready Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100263 3400 runs on propane gas or propane.  The dual inverter generator can muster 3,400-watts power output when the motor starts. You can run it the whole day at 3100 watts. When you use propane, you can get 3,060 starting watts; you can get 2,790 running watts.

The propane output is approximately 10% less than when it runs on gas; thus, you can power a 13,500 BTU unit using it. On the other hand, you can have enough power to power up your 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner using gas.

Further, you can get a 50-amp RV outlet with the Champion generator’s optional parallel kit. The RV-ideal generator is designed with a TT30R (120 30A) outlet. Also, it features a pair of 120V 20A (5-20R) household outlets.

The inverter generator delivers clean power (- 3% THD); thus, you can safely plug items like the cellphone into any of its outlets.

Champion’s USB Automotive Adapter

Champion Power is an easily portable generator with a built-in Volt Guard that protects devices from power surges or sudden voltage spikes. The inverter generator has an unregulated 12V DC outlet- regardless. Moreover, it has a USB automotive adapter that can charge various devices.

The machine may be used with a cable included with the battery-charging kit (you must disconnect the battery first). Also, make sure the accessory input voltage range isn’t below 12-24V DC. Switch off the Economy Mode when using the DC outlet.

According to Champion’s manufacturer, the generator can run for 7.5 hours at 25% load with a full gasoline tank. It can also run for 14.5 hours while on a 20lb. propane tank. Note that the generator might not power your air conditioner for a long time- these statistics merely point to the generator’s potential fuel consumption levels.

WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt Portable

The WEN 56380i is yet another compact, super quiet inverter generator. It has a 3800W starting wattage and a 3400 rated wattage. It’s a fantastic generator for RV travelers who seek greater independence. It’s ideal for those who often participate in festivals, events, or outdoor fairs.

The WEN 56380i is popular with many amateur DIY lovers. Further, the generator can be used by homeowners seeking emergency backup power to run essential devices. Moreover, it's excellent for campground fans who love to enjoy power and run various devices on the go.

The generator has some exciting power characteristics, is quite portable, and is designed with plenty of extra features and emission compliance qualities. The 212 cc WEN OHV 4-stroke engine generally runs on gasoline.

This engine is the WEN 56308I’S primary strength.

Easy to Start, Easy to Carry

The generator has a 120 V output and provides a 3400W peak wattage and 3800W running wattage. Additionally, the machine is parallel-power enabled- it has a cable for this purpose. Note that the WEN 56421 parallel kit is not included when you purchase the machine- you have to acquire it separately.

Due to its parallel capacity, you can double your power needs by linking the WEN 56380i generator with a similar (compatible unit). The machine’s noise rating is 57 DBA- this is quieter than the sound of falling rain. The inverter generator comes with the conventional pull-start mechanism.

It also features an easy-to-use electric starter, complete with a battery.

The WEN 56308i generator comes with a 2.2 gallon fuel capacity and can run continually for 8.5 hours, carrying a 50% load (with a full tank). The machine’s fuel consumption rates at 0.26 GPH. Since it produces a clean sine wave (1.2 Total Harmonic Disruption). It means you can safely plug in the machine’s AC outlets.

The WEN's control panel has 3 AC outlets, including Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) I20V and 30A (TT-30R) receptacle. It also has 3 DC outlets; since it has a 12V 8A receptacle, it’s quite easy to charge batteries.

The Travel Trailer- Ready WEN

Further, the generator has 2 5V USB ports; you can use these ports to charge your electronics conveniently (tablets and mobile phones). As noted, with its TT-30R receptacle, the WEN generator comes RV ready (TT means “Travel Trailer”).

Like the other generators, the WEN 56380i is designed with an encased (L23.2 x W18x H20.1 in.) generator design. In many ways, it’s aesthetically better than the traditional open frame generator. However, the generator is designed following modern trends; it’s a perfect machine for people seeking recreational power.

As noted, you can carry the WEN 56380i generator wherever you travel. The generator’s weight is merely 99.2 lbs. Overall, the machine is typically designed for ground use; it comes with a pair of wheels and an unfolding handle. The handle allows the user to move it effortlessly.

WEN’s Amazing Digital Data Center

The WEN 56380i comes with a fantastic control panel. The panel helps the users to monitor its status and performance. The panel comes designed with a digital data center; this device provides the users with comprehensive information, including the generator's run hours, lifetime, power output, and voltage.

The WEN’s featured light indicators are designed to inform the user whenever the generator is ready to start or when it’s overloaded. The inverter generator is generally designed with a quick and convenient way to check its current gas level: It has a built-in fuel gauge.

Finally, the WEN 56380i comes designed with a circuit breaker (for overload protection). It has a low-oil shut-off mechanism that takes away the trouble from anyone using it.

Product Honda EU2200i Generac GP3500iO Generac 7129 GP3000i Generac GP2500i Inverter WEN 56203i
Noise Level 57 dB(A) at rated load

48 dB(A) at 1/4 load

48 dB(A) at 1/4 load

61 dB(A) at rated load 60 dB(A) at rated load 51 dB(A) at rated load
Power Starting 2200W

Continuous 1800W

Starting 3500W

Continuous 3000W

Starting 3000W

Continuous 2300W

Starting 2500W

Continuous 2200W

Starting 1700W

Continuous 2000W

Fuel Type Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline
Tank Capacity 0.95 gal 2.37 gal 1.06 gal 1.0 gal 1.06 gal
Tank Run-Time 3.2 hr at rated load 8.1 hrs at 1/4 load 11 hrs at 1/4 load 4.5 hrs at 1/2 load 5.8 hrs at 1/4 load 8 hrs at 1/4 load 10.8 hrs at 1/4 load
Warranty 3 Year 3 Year Limited 3 Year Limited 3 Year Limited 3 Year Limited
Weight 46.5 lb. 74 lb. 59.5 lb. 48 lb. 39 lb.
Product Champion Power Equipment 100302 A-iPower SUA2000iV Champion Power Equipment 100263 WEN 56380i
Noise Level

64 dB(A) at rated load

58 dB(A) at 1/4 load

59 dB(A) at rated load

57 dB(A) at rated load

Power Starting 4000W

Continuous 3500W

Starting 2000W

Continuous 1600W

Starting 3400W

Continuous 3100W

Starting 3800W

Continuous 3400W

Fuel Type Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline
Tank Capacity 2.9 gal 1.5 gal 1.6 gal 2.2 gal
Tank Run-Time 17 hrs at 1/4 load 7 hrs at 1/2 load 7.5 hrs at 1/4 load 8.5 hrs at full load
Warranty 3 Year Limited 2 Year Limited 2 Year Limited 3 Year
Weight 46 lb. 46 lb. 95.7 lb. 99.2 lb.

Final Thoughts

Want to pick the best quietest generator for convenient home or recreational use? We highly recommend the Honda EU2200i as the best quiet generator overall; yes, this Honda model is probably the best in 2021.

Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Alexey P. , Qualified Electrician and Website Founder

Alexey P. , Qualified Electrician and Website Founder

My name is Alexey P. I was born in Poland but later moved to the USA in 1998. As a well-qualified and fairly experienced electrician, I love working with DIY projects. As a result of my professional training in the field of electrical engineering, I am well versed with the key elements of the trade. I am generally knowledgeable with all inspecting codes and important regulations governing electrical components and repair. I presently live in Dover, Delaware, USA. Want to know a little about my life outside work? It is no wonder. If you encounter any challenges with your portable generator while on that camping expedition, you can count on me to help deal with that decisively. I love life. I love people. And yes, I love generators, of course!

  1. Once you try the Honda EU2200i you won’t ever want to use anything else. This baby is a dream! Saves energy, saves you money, is very quiet, can run almost 10 hours if it’s at or below 25% workload and there’s a circuit breaker so no overload.

    • You have a point but here’s another: not everyone can afford it. Most people can’t and they have to opt for cheaper options. Maybe these options are not as good as Honda (and they aren’t) but they get the job done. Some are not as quiet and not as fuel efficient but you gotta do what you gotta do. I would go for a WEN when there is not enough funds for a Honda. Any one of the top 2 picks from this article are good.

    • Yeah, I totally agree with you. Trying a Honda will make you forget all about anything else. I mean, nothing can compare to this. Whether you’re looking for a silent generator or not, something that saves energy, money, runs for a lot of time, etc. this is perfect.

  2. Picked up a Honda EU2200i generator and I have to say this is the best generator I ever used.
    The eco-throttle technology alone is worth the money I paid for this. It saves me money with each use by giving out only the watts that are needed and not more like other models do.

  3. I went with the WEN 56200i 2000 watt inverter generator because, well, it’s cheaper. I’m happy with it right now. Been using it for a few months and it always works well. I can barely hear it when it’s on and that’s a good thing since I hate noise especially when I’m working.

  4. Maybe other generator are better overall but I like my Westinghouse iGen2500 generator. The LED display is very helpful especially for a beginner, it’s quiet and it’s fuel efficient. I mean, what more can I ask for? PS: it’s cheaper than other models while matching most of their qualities.

  5. Thanks Alot For Sharing Such A Beautiful Information!

  6. I was looking for a quiet rv generator and I finally settled on the Honda EU2200i because I have heard so many good things about it. It seemed like a wonder generator for the money and after trying it for a few weeks I have to agree.

  7. I love the power the EU 2200i has considering how little energy is consumed. It’s just a work of art this noiseless generator. I don’t even know how any other brand could even come close to what this Honda can offer.

  8. I like Champion 73536i. Has cold start technology, runs for almost 10 hours, 1 gallon fuel tank and it’s priced according to the things it can do. Also like the 3-year warranty it has; the more, the merrier for me.

  9. I actually have an Atima AY2000i and while it’s no Honda EU2200i, it still gets the job done. What I like about it is that it works fine, it is easy to move around and the price is ok for it can do.

  10. The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is a pretty quiet generator and it seems like a good choice for camping. I’ve seen it in action and I’m considering getting one myself. I also like that it is easy at just 44lbs and I can carry it around with ease.

  11. Well I don’t know about others but I like my Briggs & Stratton and I wouldn’t trade it for any other model. I do use it on more sensitive electronics such as laptops and phones and until now I never had any issues. I think this model is perfect for such electronics – not any generator can do this well.

  12. The Westinghouse iGen2500 generator is my best buddy right now. Just got it about 10 days ago and I like it a lot. It’s quiet, very fuel efficient, has an LED display which makes things a lot easier and the price is quite reasonable.

    • Just read your review, I noticed that only one of these generators were noted as being made in China, but virtually all of them are made there, even the Honda is made in Thailand. After having said that, I would still suggest the Honda to anyone after having used/dismantled/repaired just about all of these units or their clones. I was left underwhelmed by the Briggs, even though on the specs it says it’s a 3kva I hooked up identical loads (2500w) to both the P3000 and the Honda 2.2kva and the Briggs unit failed while the Honda powered on for over 5 minutes before I turned off the load. And regarding the Yamaha and it’s clones (Wen, Generac, Pulsar, Westinghouse etc, they all have basically the same engine- a slant 80cc OHV)? The EF2000is can only maintain 2000w for a few seconds, and is Godawfully noisy at 1600w whereas even the old version Honda EU20i (The model we have in Australia) copes with 2000w for up to 30 minutes. After seeing multiple Yamaha, Westinghouse and Briggs failures, I sure as hell know which I would recommend. Every brand has generators fail, but by far the Honda has considerably less failures, and more importantly more reliability when you need it most.

      • Reply Alexey P. , Qualified Electrician and Website Founder
        Alexey P. , Qualified Electrician and Website Founder April 18, 2020 at 10:10 pm

        I agree with you. Honda EU2200 is a truly #1, but little bit pricey for some people.

    • I agree with what you said. I first saw the Westinghouse iGen2500 generator in action when I was visiting a friend in another state. He often talked about it on the phone, praising its fuel efficiency but I always thought he was just bragging. But when I got a chance to see it first hand I realized he was telling the truth. It’s inexpensive, has that LED display that is awesome, fuel efficient and best of all, it’s quiet. Well worth it.

  13. Thank you for talking about all of these models. It has helped me pick the one that was right for my needs and budget. I’m sure you’ve helped a lot of others do the same thing. I shared this page with a few buddies who want to get a generator.

  14. I went for the cheaper route 🙂 because, well, money. The WEN 56200i 2000 watt inverter generator seems like it’s pretty good for the money and I don’t really need anything else. Sure, if money was not an issue maybe I would go for something more expensive but I’m happy with what I got.

  15. Question????
    I have a cargo trailer.I use a Friedrich Portable AC with Heat unit.The COOL 14000 BTU HEAT 11000 BTU.AND I USE A FEW LAMPS FOR LIGHTI G AND I HAVE A SMALL AM/FM CD PLAYER.I WORK ABOUT 8 to 12 hours per day.What size quite generator would best?

  16. The Honda EU2200i is unmatched in my opinion. It’s just too good of a generator to compare it with others. BUT, and this is a big one, not everyone has that much money lying around so they look for cheaper options. One of those cheaper options is the WEN 56225i super quiet 2250-watt portable inverter generator. It’s one of the most quiet generators out there (not number one but close) and its price is pretty sweet, especially compared to Honda’s.

  17. I own a Yamaha EF2000iSv2 and I’m happy with it. It’s quiet (not that this was the most important thing) and has a very important economy switch mode which saves a lot of energy and money. It is a bit expensive but I feel it’s worth the price.

  18. Not a lot of people seem to be talking about the Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart series with inverter technology. I wonder why. This is one of the better generators out there and it’s also quiet. Glad to see this review talk about it as I think that more people should know about it. It does indeed produce smoother power for those sensitive electronics which can be very important.

  19. Anyone try the Harbor Freight Predator 3500? Im hearing a lot of RV’ers using and enjoying it.

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