Honda EU2000i Portable Generator 2018 Review

  • Reliability
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Noise Level
  • Warranty
  • Price



The Honda EU2000i is a game changer in the portable generators space. It’s light, durable and very user-friendly. It also runs very quietly thanks to the its superior industrial design, backed by an extensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Whether you need one for camping, excursions or simply as an additional backup in your garage, then this is definitely the portable generator we prefer.



  • Very Quiet – only 59dB
  • High fuel efficiency – 1 gallon for 8 hours
  • Reliable brand backed by good warranty



  • A tad pricier than other models
  • 2000W might not be enough for some
  • Honda replaced it with a new model, the EU2200i

Check Price for new Honda EU2200i


The eu2000i has great portabilityWhen buying an inverter generator, it is imperative that you get the best quality for your budget as the choice is very wide with all sorts of good and bad products. The Honda EU2000i is a highly performing and reliable portable generator with a compact size. This item is modeled for great functionality without compromising the comfort while in operation in virtually any circumstance.

There are various features that make this portable generator very appropriate to have around the house or even carry it around to fulfill other powering needs. Whether it is a day out in the field or at a night camping trip, the Honda EU2000i will offer a smooth flow of power to keep the appliances running perfectly.


This inverter generator starts smoothly with the pull starter mechanism. It does not have any resistance issues that would cause discomfort when frequently used, and weighing only 46 pounds, this generator has true portability.

In addition, the item has been compacted into a small package that is easy to maneuver, also thanks to an integrated ergonomic handle, as the user carries it around for different occasions and events. Its fuel tank capacity is 1.1 gallons (about 4.2 liters) which further limits the weight and enhances the ease of handling and use.the eu2000i noise level compared to other soundsOne of the best features in the Honda EU2000i is the noise reduction. Often, people will shy away from portable generators due to the loud noise that is experienced during operation. This particular model is one of the quietest at about 59 decibels. This is very low and causes just a quiet hum in the background, comparable to the amount of noise produce by two people talking with a normal tone. It is ideal for camping grounds where noise levels have to be kept low to maintain the serenity.


The Honda EU2000i is not the most powerful model in the portable generator market but it is capable for keeping the house running during emergencies and for small scale commercial operations. It has great power capability and stability for a generator of the size and specifications.

Power outages come unexpectedly and it is necessary to have a backup source, especially for lighting. This Honda is capable of keeping the lights on, the Internet and the household appliances for quite a while, although the time is limited by the fuel tank’s capacity; however, this limit can be overcome with the addition of an external tank.

In any case, it has a high rated load of 2000W and it can operate at this level for about four hours and at 1/4 load for more than nine hours. It also has two AC outlets and one DC outlets making it very flexible and reliable.


It is easy to keep this product in good condition. Changing oil can be very troublesome on some generators, but this one is easy to deal with. It does not easily break down since any time it is low on oil, it automatically shuts itself down protecting engine and gears from increased friction.

Moreover, servicing the filters, plugs and other parts is also quite easy, as the parts are easily accessible and can be cleaned or even replaced intuitively, without special tools or knowledge. Have a look at the owner’s manual here to see for yourself.

Check Price for new Honda EU2200i


The Honda EU2000i Portable GeneratorHonda provides a 3-year warranty for residential and commercial use for generators purchased in the US from 2010 onward, as long as it is purchased from a Honda America Authorized dealer (like the one recommended by us). All details can be found here.

Such a long warranty speaks volumes about the product’s long-term reliability and confirms the thousands of positive reviews and enthusiastic feedback we have come across during our analysis.


Compared to other CARB-compliant portable generators in the same category, the Honda EU2200i is more reasonably priced. In addition, we have to keep in mind that the competitors might advertise the same headline wattage (2000 Watts) , but it’s worth repeating that what makes this model so reliable and popular are the more sophisticated features like the Eco-Throttle and the clean output signal suitable for all sorts of electric and sensitive electronic gear including laptops and smart phones.


We believe the Eu2000i is the best portable generator around, as its reliability has been thoroughly proven over and over again and its cost is fully justified. There are cheaper generators on the market, but in general they are either less powerful than advertised or their reputation isn’t as stellar as this one.


Honda’s recommended retail price is $1,199.99, and most retailers are happy to quote that or a slightly reduced price. In our extensive research we identified several serious retailers, and decided to buy our generator for at Amazon, since they are famous for their serious customer service  and they are currently running the best promotion we could find .

We reviewed many other online shops and only once found a lower price but the site was based in China, so we didn’t dare trying it…


  • Eco Throttle™: this fuel-saving technology adjusts the engine’s speed to the optimum level depending on actual load, allowing the generator to run up to 9 and a half hours on just 1 gallon of fuel.
  • Honda Advanced Inverter Technology: the microprocessor controls the operations of all sensitive electronics. This results in stable, clean power in a smaller, lighter package.
  • Two-Tiered Noise Dampening System: very quiet operation at -53 to -59 dB(A) (see chart above), which makes it the ideal generator for camping and as auxiliary power for RVs.
  • Parallel Operation Capability: two EU series generators can be linked in parallel, doubling the load capacity to face increased demand (like microwave, lights and TV running together)
  • Oil Alert® Warning System: a safety system that shuts down the engine when oil reaches a critically low level that could damage the device.
  • Extra 12V DC Outlet: great for charging batteries (adapters need to be bought separately)
  • Light Weight Design: the operating device weighs just less than 47 lbs.
  • EPA and CARB Compliant: Meets US Federal and the stricter California emission regulations
  • USDA-Qualified Spark Arrester: it prevents starting fires by accident.


Here you can download the official Honda eu2000i Owner’s Manual free of charge.

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