The CAT INV2000 Portable Generator: a Powerful Machine without Peers

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The new machine would not disappoint. According to some of the latest portable generator reviews based on the big announcement, The CAT INV2000 came with some great consumer usability features. Among these is an easy-to-start switch, professional performance features with enhanced safety, and versatile functionality. It also came with a parallel kit which makes it possible for users to connect twin generators of the INV2000 family. This would give users double power output.

Ease of Maintenance
Noise Level
  • Caterpillar is a very reputable brand
  • Comes with 3 Years Warranty
  • Notably, some consumers recently reported that the CAT INV2000 generator does not command 2000 watt capacity and that it offers less power than the manufacturer claims. They went on to say that this generator cannot run the larger powerful tools because of its lower energy capacity. In actual sense, the CAT INV2000 generator commands about 1800 running watts and 2250 starting watts.
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There was a major announcement in 2017 that excited all generator lovers worldwide. News came that the world-famous Caterpillar Inc. was introducing its first inverter generator in the market. With this, Caterpillar would expand its home and outdoor product line in a major way, introducing a very good inverter generator for its consumers.

The generator fraternity grew wild with excitement at this news. The new generator model, which had been named the CAT INV2000, was guaranteed to offer professional-grade performance. Moreover, this would be packaged in the latest consumer model. With the introduction of the CAT INV2000 generator model, Caterpillar was venturing into what was described as a first in its checkered history of generator production that spans decades.


Favorite Features of the CAT INV2000 Generator

The CAT INV2000 generator has the following good features that are a favorite of many consumers who have used it:

  • Its Engine Smart Control feature adjusts power automatically according to your needs.
  • Its quiet running capacity meets the requirements of the National Park Service campground agency.
  • It is easily serviceable with a custom, drip-free oil funnel. It also has an oil fill access.
  • It offers clean power with a Total Harmonic Distortion of 3%.
  • Its engine lasts 20% longer than the competition and is EPA certified.
  • It complies with the safety requirements for the worksite use. This means it is OSHA compliant.
  • While running at 50% load, it offers 6 hours run time.
  • It has a single start/stop switch with integrated choke.
  • It enables you double your power by parallel-use, with another INV2000 generator.
  • The control panel is illuminated for ease of use at night.
  • The Outlets include: USB (2), 12V (1). Others are 120 V 20A GFCI (2) outlets.
  • It offers a parallel cable which you can use with an INV2000 Parallel Kit.
  • It has an excellent Customer Support. This includes the multi-language customer call center and online support that functions 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • It has a full panel GFCI that is OSHA compliant.
  • It has an easy service access and a custom, drip-free oil fill / drain.
  • It offers a LED –illuminated control panel.
  • It is EPA and CARB Compliant.

CAT INV2000 Specifications

AC Voltage: 120V
AC Frequency: 60 Hz
Engine Displacement: 79.7 cc
Engine Type: OHV
Engine RPM: Variable RPM
Recommended Oil: SAE30 / 10W-30
Lubrication Method: Splash
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): Inverter Type
Starting Method: Pull
Shutdown Method: Automatic Low Oil Level
Battery Type:
Fuel Gauge: Dial Gauge
Fuel Tank Nominal Capacity: 4 L, 1 gal
Run Time at 50%: 6 hrs
Handle Style: Integrated
Wheel Type:
Warranty: 2-year limited, 3-year limited when registered within 30 days


The CAT equipment is generally associated with heavy-duty machinery like those found on large construction sites. The company has, however, recently entered the domestic user market. This has enabled it to produce less expensive generators that are designed for a variety of uses not limited to industrial machines.

It is true that the CAT INV2000 is more expensive than the Wen 56200i for example.  The price difference is, nevertheless, not big. The question is: Since the CAT INV2000 generator is more costly, is it any better than the Wen? There is no way to be sure. The CAT INV2000 has not been here long enough to give us the chance to compare fairly. Based on its brand’s history, however, we can expect this new generator to be a tough and reliable machine in the long run.

CAT INV2000 vs Honda EU2200i

Honda and Caterpillar brands are among the top models in the world generator market today. They are reputable well-known brands that command high respect. They boast of decades of service that have proved their worth. Many customers are so loyal to these popular brands that they would rather go home empty-handed than purchase any other brand of generator for domestic and other uses! For these ones, It is either they get their favorite Honda or Caterpillar product or nothing.

How, then, does the CAT INV2000 generator compare with the Honda EU2200i, for instance? The Honda 2000 Generator is a much-loved portable inverter generator that carries many useful features. For example, the Honda EU2200i generator has a single control gadget and a recoil cable that allows the generator to be started by anyone regardless of his experience using these machines.

LED Light Tree

Even the controls on the Honda are put together on one side for easy access. Just like the CAT INV2000 generator, the Honda EU2000i generator has a user friendly control panel with many good features. The control panel on the Honda generator has a LED light tree which is built into the panel to serve as an indicator system. This system helps users to notice any problems easily and remedy them.

Like the CAT INV2000 generator, the Honda EU2200i also has a parallel connection feature. This feature allows you to pair it with another Honda EU2200i and get double wattage of power for running multiple smaller appliances or larger appliances.

The Honda EU2200i has yet another attractive feature compared with the CAT INV2000  generator. The Eco-Throttle toggle switch that is fitted on this generator enables you to switch over to fuel efficiency mode. This works very well for overnight or other extended applications.


Regardless, one of the most attractive features for any generator are lower noise levels. Many manufacturers have taken this factor into consideration. The result is the production of better quieter generators. In this respect, you will not have a problem with the Honda EU 2000i generator.

The Honda EU2000i is among the quietest generators among these category of machines of the 2000w. How does the Honda EU2000i compare with the CAT INV2000 in this field? In terms of noise levels, the CAT INV2000 generator is admittedly louder than the Honda eu2000i. We can actually refer to the Honda EU 2000i as a whisper- quiet machine that cannot disturb the neighborhood as it runs your home. Also, in terms of size, the INV2000 generator is a little larger than the EU2000i whose size is more modest.

Favorite Generators

Without a doubt, the EU2200 is a very popular generator but the CAT INV2000 generator has already proved that it is a very good portable inverter generator in comparison. Moreover the CAT INV2000 is also cheaper compared to most of its peers with similar capacity.

Notably, some consumers recently reported that the CAT INV2000 generator does not command 2000 watt capacity and that it offers less power than the manufacturer claims. They went on to say that this generator cannot run the larger powerful tools because of its lower energy capacity.

In actual sense, the CAT INV2000 generator commands about 1800 running watts and 2250 starting watts. Because of such factors, we have included the power calculator feature on our website to help you determine the power capacity of any machine. This calculator will also help you check your power needs and assist you understand how much power you actually need

CAT INV2000 vs EU2200 Loudness

Regarding the silent operating features, the CAT INV2000 noise levels are close with Honda. Actually, the CAT INV2000 generator is only a little louder than the Honda EU2200i when running at full load. It reaches a maximum of 61dBA. At 49lbs, The CAT INV2000 generator weighs about the same as the EU2200i.  It is just as easy to carry and contains a similar design, complete with a handle.

The control panels are also very similar. The CAT INV2000 offers circuit breaker protection in addition to two GFCI 120V household.  Both of these have plastic covers for protection from moisture and dust. The Honda EU2200i generator, on its part, doesn’t have this.

The CAT INV2000 generator also comes with two USB outlets and a 12v battery charging outlet. The generator has similar LED indicator lights as the EU2200i. The single control knob functions on these machines serve for run, stop and choke. They are almost identical.

Parallel Kit Function

The CAT INV2000 and The Honda EU2200i are strikingly similar machines. The Ford generator, in comparison has a higher running wattage. This is its biggest advantage. Overall, in this portable generator review, the CAT INV2000 would be declared the winner, when considering low fuel consumption factors.

For a fact, the CAT INV2000 is a good inverter generator that costs less than the Honda EU2200i and several similar machines of its kind. There is some justification for this. The 3 year warranty offered on the INV2000 is a bit better. Indeed, this might be an indication that its quality is slightly better.

CAT INV2000 Inverter Generator vs Ford FG2200is

The CAT INV2000 generator engine is almost the same size as that of the 79.7cc Ford FG2200is. The CAT generator’s engine is an OHV engine that is CARB certified. The fuel consumption and engine size of the CAT INV2000 is not so different from the Ford’s but the power output is completely different.

The running wattage of the CAT INV2000 generator is lower, at 1800w. Nevertheless it has a 2250w higher peak wattage. This difference might be significant because 200w- less running watts   affects a generator of such a small size. Happily, the CAT INV2000 is a good inverter generator that also offers parallel connectivity. This means it can double your power output and enable you to do many things.

Advantage over Ford

Overall, the Cat INV2000 is a good inverter generator that beats the Ford FG2200is on matters to do with fuel consumption. This is so, but only by a tiny margin. Both generators have a 6-hour specified runtime from a gas tank that is 50% of the rated load.

There is a significant difference when we consider the gas tank size. The CAT INV2000 gas tank is even smaller; it is 1-gallon gas tank. Compare this with the Ford’s 1.18 gallon. This means you use less fuel for a similar time duration, at 50% capacity. It also means the load difference will only be 100w less for the CAT INV2000 generator. This statistics gives the CAT INV2000 generator a slight advantage over the Ford FG2200is.


It is true that the CAT INV2000 generator has not been around for long. For this reason, we have to go with the brand history to judge its durability. For a fact, this brand of generators does have an impressive record and a reputation for building tough machines. The INV2000 generator may not be meant for the rugged industrial environment.

Regardless, we can trust that the CAT INV2000 model is a good inverter generator that has remained faithful to its reputation of building durable, high standard equipment. These kinds of comprehensive portable generator reviews certainly help users to make a good choice. Truly, a good name unfailingly lasts forever.

Alexey P. , Qualified Electrician and Website Founder
Alexey P. , Qualified Electrician and Website Founder

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