10 Enjoyable Rectangular Trampoline Reviews + Buying Guide 2018

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Let’s face it, trampolines are one of the easiest, most popular ways to have fun on a hot summer day.

Trampolines provide interactional skills to kids and beneficial fitness exercises to everyone. With so many options to choose from, such as the model, size, shape, safety and special features, it can feel like a roadblock. And when you do decide to purchase a rectangle trampoline, it can make you feel like you haven’t yet done enough research and are still making the wrong decision.

That’s why we have compiled a list of 10 rectangular trampoline reviews to narrow down your wide-array of search results!

Product Name Image Size Overall Rating Details
Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline Enclosure (Blue) 15x9 Feet 10 Check Price
Summit Rectangular Trampoline Enclosure 14x10 Feet 9 Check Price
JumpKing Rectangular Combo Trampoline 15x10 Feet 8.5 Check Price
Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline Enclosure (Green) 14x8 Feet 8.5 Check Price
Jumpsport StagedBounce Rectangular Trampoline 17x10 Feet 8 Check Price
SkyWalker Enclosed Trampoline With Spring Pad 14x14 Feet 9 Check Price
SkyWalker Perfect Square Trampoline 15x15 Feet 8.5 Check Price
Acon Air Sport Trampoline 16x9 Feet 8 Check Price
Jump Power In-Ground Rectangular Trampoline 12x8 Feet 9.5 Check Price
Upper Bounce Trampoline Jumping Mat 13x13 Feet 7.5 Check Price

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline Enclosure (Blue)

This high-quality rectangle trampoline features 15×9 feet of fun! It includes an invigorating steel frame and reinforced T-sockets for optimized stability during use, comprised with strong rust resistant springs. Structural twisting is virtually impossible with an everyday operation.

This rectangle trampoline comes with a high-quality, microfiber polyethylene material which is durable enough to hold up to 400 pounds! That’s an average of three adult-sized men. This device has lots of bouncing room and a thick foam protection which surrounds the perimeter. Rectangular trampolines can maximize yard space and fit the shape of many urban and suburban property lots. Square and rectangular trampolines are more structurally sound than circular frameworks, which gives you more bang-for-your-buck!

  • Surface area is not lost through circular trampolines
  • Affordable price for families
  • Large capacity
  • Microfiber polyethylene material
  • Steel frame reinforcements

  • Price to size ratio is not the best
  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • Durability lacks after years of use
  • Recall of faulty mechanisms
  • Organization of parts is hard to do

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Summit Rectangular Trampoline Enclosure

The Summit Rectangular Trampoline Enclosure includes a microfiber polyethylene material padding, held tight with 80 7” springs made of rust-resistant galvanized steel. It comes with rubber feet on the frame and UV protection included in the netting which encloses the structure. This device is mildew and weather resistant, which helps to save money later on and keeps down on consistent maintenance.

Did you know that NASA Space Astronauts are required to jump on trampolines because it’s the most efficient way of exercising? That means your decision in purchasing a rectangular trampoline has to be well educated and influenced so that you’re not guessing when considering the different features. With this rectangle trampoline, you receive consistent stability and jumping across the entirety of the jump mat. It builds cardio and keeps you in shape, while also providing a fun afternoon!

  • Fade resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Easy assembly
  • Competitively priced
  • Very low maintenance

  • 200-pound maximum capacity
  • Not the best warranty
  • Smaller jumping area
  • One person at a time
  • Entrance zipper is small

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JumpKing Rectangular Combo Trampoline

This rectangle trampoline features a strong, durable galvanized steel frame which provides optimal balance across all surfaces. It boasts a fully integrated enclosure system and a lasting pad that surrounds the perimeter. The trampoline also has a heavy-duty polyethylene netting, held together with 7” robust springs to make for a softer, higher bounce.

One of the reasons trampolining is such an effective exercise is because of how much it involves every one of your body parts, working in unison to elevate you higher and higher. Because of that, motor skills gain a huge improvement. These things are especially helpful in children with vastly developing skills, learning new things every day! This rectangular trampoline is very easy to assemble and noted as a high-quality product which will bring your family lots of fun for years to come!

  • Fits perfectly in most yards due to its rectangular shape
  • The rectangular shape gives a higher lift as compared to a round trampoline
  • Acceptable jumping area and ideal for all ages
  • Stability control and safety-approved
  • Large entrance

  • Some packages have arrived damaged
  • The warranty can be quite limiting
  • Price to size ratio is not the best
  • Must follow the manual for correct installation
  • People have found the manual confusing

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Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline Enclosure (Green)

At 14×8 feet, this rectangle trampoline is perfect for a smaller crowd. It is comprised of an extra heavy-duty green springpad with a galvanized steel frame that is resistant to rust and weathering. The wrap around enclosure is UV ray protected and has a jump-pad made with microfiber polyethylene material. It’s great for family fun, and fits almost perfectly in most backyards due to its rectangular shape.

At our core as human beings, it’s impossible not to smile when jumping on a trampoline. The feeling of weightlessness, even for a second, can remove worries that weigh heavy on our minds. Choosing the right trampoline is an important decision that cannot be guessed upon. Many aspects go into developing a trampoline, and this one has great balance, a heavy duty gap-free jumping environment and meticulously designed ergonomics to keep you comfortable and safe.

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Made with outdoor friendly materials
  • The frame and T-sockets eliminate structural twisting
  • UV resistant

  • People have found the manual confusing
  • Missing parts have been reported
  • Faulty jumping pad
  • Poor packaging
  • 90-day warranty

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Jumpsport StagedBounce Rectangular Trampoline

The Jumpsport StagedBounce Rectangular Trampoline is manufactured with the best technology on the market. The patented design allows up to 50% of the springs to engage immediately which can result in a significant reduction in injury incidents. The frame on this trampoline is constructed from cold, rolled galvanized steel made up of EPE closed cell foam covered by a strong PVC outer coating. With 17×10 feet of jumping space and a maximum capacity of 225 pounds, you can be sure this trampoline can build athletes, gymnasts, cheerleaders and a general afternoon of fun!

Many people are shocked to learn about the connection between body control and childhood learning and development. With better coordination and concentration, learning becomes much easier for children to grasp and master later on in life. Trampolines are not only for fun, but for fitness and learning. Choosing the right one is beneficial towards your family’s safety and well being. Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a trampoline, the JumpSport will provide years of jumping pleasure, through general school and graduation of your kids. This rectangular trampoline is easily assembled using small hand tools. The price is very competitive and can bring years of fun to everyone!

  • Includes a ladder with the purchase
  • Perfect size for up to two people
  • Extremely easy assembly
  • Ideal for all ages and sizes
  • 10-year full warranty

  • Parts are heavy while transporting
  • The springmat is not the highest quality
  • Thin plastic covers the tops of the safety poles
  • Have to tighten and loosen the enclosure netting until it’s just right
  • Safety net system isn’t the best

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SkyWalker Enclosed Trampoline With Spring Pad

Family fun has never been better with the SkyWalker Enclosed trampoline consisting of 96 thick steel springs and 196 square feet of fun jumping space! This trampoline exceeds ASTM safety standards and boasts a galvanized steel interlocking frame system designed specifically for your safety. It has a patented gap-free enclosure design with a camouflage spring pad covering.

As a kid, it can be scary to try new things. On that note, even adults can find it hard to try different things, too! Physical activities that someone isn’t familiar with can feel incredibly dangerous. With proper safety precautions in place, a trampoline can be a safe place to learn new activities. This trampoline gives the maximum amount of jumping area because it’s perfectly square, so it doesn’t lose length on one side or from the curving of a circular trampoline. The SkyWalker is a great brand to start off with to see if you like participating in the activity.

  • Durability
  • Beginner use
  • Exceeds ASTM safety standards
  • High-quality woven jump mat
  • Ideal for ages 6 and above

  • Limited warranty
  • Reports of faulty bolts
  • Reports of missing pieces
  • Long assembly time
  • Not the best on uneven ground

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SkyWalker Perfect Square Trampoline

With a patented button-hole enclosure net feature, the SkyWalker Perfect Square Trampoline is a great choice for beginners. It includes 15×15 feet of jumping area and over 250 pounds of weight capacity. Reinforced T-socket construction technology helps with stability and structural twisting for long-term use. This trampoline consists of 96 steel springs and a 16-gauge, 2.4 inch galvanized steel frame for optimal support.

While jumping on a trampoline is not the same as taking vitamins or eating healthy, they can actually promote immune system health. When you rebound on a trampoline, your internal organs are stimulated and your lymphatic circulation improves. For this process to be efficient, a proper, structurally sound trampoline is required. The SkyWalker Perfect Square Trampoline is a perfect place to start for family fun!

  • Easy assembly
  • Long-term use
  • Reports of great stability
  • Huge bouncing area
  • Quality reinforcement components

  • Reports of pieces falling apart
  • Manual can be confusing
  • Missing parts
  • Long delivery times
  • Not cost effective

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Acon Air Sport Trampoline

16×9 feet of astonishing fun! This trampoline is designed for backflips, frontflips and other tricks which require lengthy spaces to participate in. The Acon Air trampoline comes with 138 heavy gauge 10” springs, towering up to 40 inches off the ground. It weighs 510 pounds which adds to the stability control aspects, such as four support legs running across the length of the device. Galvanized frame pipes allow for no single user weight restrictions! This trampoline truly suits the needs of all people.

No matter who you are, jumping on a trampoline is inherently fun. Weightlessness feels exhilarating and motivates you to spring up higher and higher! The increased circulation of oxygen will also help release naturally mood-boosting endorphins. With this length-induced trampoline, flips and other springboard maneuvers are extremely easy to do as there is no worry of falling off or running into the surrounding netting. Families have trusted Acon Air for years, and their commitment is justified.

  • No weight limit
  • Excellent warranty
  • Great for all ages
  • Durable in all weather conditions
  • Large opening in the enclosure netting

  • Quite expensive
  • Assembly is tasking
  • Reports of a low-quality mat
  • Weak enclosure netting
  • Reports of not receiving the included latter

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Jump Power In-Ground Rectangular Trampoline

In-ground trampolines provide better stability than any other type of trampoline because it is not lifted up, therefore it rests on the surrounding landscape of where it’s placed. Although the trampoline boasts superb stability control, you cannot bounce as high as raised ones. This trampoline includes 16 solid gauge galvanized steel supports and 58 patented springs which exceeds all global safety standards. The jump mat is woven together with microfiber polyethylene material padding and is surrounded with a high-quality orange wrapping to protect the spring system.

These types of trampolines are considered to be the safest ones in comparison to others for the simple occurrence of a fall. Trampolines present a fantastic opportunity for learning, which translates into improved behavior, concentration, and a lack of anxiety. This in-ground trampoline can provide kids and adults the social situations that we all need to grow and develop. The Jump Power In-Ground Trampoline is a perfect place to start when looking for some afternoon fun with your family!

  • Excellent warranty
  • Getting in and out is very easy
  • Grand support for professional sports practice
  • Made of outdoor-friendly materials
  • Great for all ages

  • Assembly is quite hard and requires at least 2 adults
  • You’ll need to dig a 3-foot deep hole where you want it
  • Very inconvenient if you have to relocate the trampoline
  • Must have soft ground to be able to dig
  • Many different parts to assemble

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Upper Bounce Trampoline Jumping Mat

This rectangle trampoline jumping mat is 13×13 feet and great if you need to perform general maintenance on your existing trampoline. It is made with microfiber polyethylene material and is UV, water and fade resistant. This mat comes with a one year warranty to guarantee that your purchase is correct.

  • Water and fade resistant material
  • Excellent for small sized yards
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Made of outdoor-friendly materials
  • Low-cost option to repair trampolines

  • Setup instructions can be confusing
  • Reports of design defects
  • May not fit the size of your trampoline
  • Long shipping times
  • Generally unavailable to buy

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As you may have learned, trampolines aren’t just about having fun, they have extremely beneficial factors that can influence the way developing children grow up and can enhance an adults life through relaxation and exercise. Long story short, do your research before purchasing a trampoline and consider a rectangular one because of all the facts enclosed in this article!

Determine for yourself: Who will be using this trampoline?

In as much as trampoline are used by people of all ages, it’s special to some groups. Lovers of acrobatic and gymnastic exercises really enjoy using it. Patients also use it as a physiotherapy technique. This aren’t the only people using it, several people use trampoline techniques to increase their heartrate as well as burn excess calories and entertainment as well.

It’s imperative to exercise caution and safety measures while using trampoline, otherwise it will lead to accident and injury. If not well guided and supervised, children get more hurt than adults. Common injuries include: bruises, fractures and brocket bones among others. What really causes accidents? If a proper set up is not installed, an accident is likely to occur. Inappropriate trampoline maintenance leads to malfunction and injury. While in operation, you’re advised to wear protective padding and ensure safety nets are in place. In case of an accident, people who follow the above safety precautions little get hurt. Some people hire professionals to train then on usage. Some of the practices include: trampoline squats, prances and bounce. All these are done considering the safety precautions.

It’s therefore logical to conclude that they are used by all people for their own good. If asked who the users of trampoline are, our answer will be you the reader of this guide. Very soon you will enter a shop then get varieties and shapes, don’t worry were just about impart selection skills shortly. Before we analyze then into details, safety comes first. Let’s first ensure that you’re safe and you receive return of your investment.

Safety precautions

Nowadays, all family rectangular trampolines come with safety tips packed together. Your first step should therefore be to ascertain the availability these safety instructions before purchase. The springs which give it a bounce can lead to accidents. Even the enclosures that prevent kids from hitting the edge cannot be 100% efficient. Since it is inevitable that some injury will occur, it is mandatory to comprehend some safety precautions. For most parents, safety for their children takes preference in trampoline purchase, it is indeed a fundamental aspect of choice.

The following are the critical measures. They should be placed on a level ground. Trampolines are designed to work on a level ground. Inclined ground makes bouncers to gravitate to the lower edge making it not only dangerous, but also reduce its power. Rectangular trampolines work best on soft grounds which absorbs impact. Rubber endings are placed under legs and hard grounds should be avoided at all. Other measures include: Ensuring the air above is clear, free surroundings, near homestead, far from fish ponds and swimming pools and easy to move trampolines. To beef up safety, SpringFree rectangle trampolines have been designed with more safety features but they cost a little more.

How much will it cost you?        

We believe that you purpose to get value of your investment. Rectangle trampolines are not expensive to buy and maintain, but the cost depends of several factors; Size, brand, Shape, weight limit and overall quality among others. When you walk to the market, do not be shocked to notice that most popular backyard brands and rectangular models will cost $200-$800. The ones that cost $100-$3000 are definitely worth the price because their quality is exceptional. You are guaranteed that whichever the price, the value you will get is worth it.

Having observed that safety and price are the top two factors to be considered, we would like to help you determine the right size for you and your family.

Size determinant

Rectangular trampolines can be placed in a room, backyard or garden. Regardless of your preferred location, there are several trampolines available in the market to suit your needs. In this section, were going to discuss four sizes then we leave you to make a choice depending on the size of your preferred location and use. Different sizes have different capacities to meet your needs, see below size categories.

8 feet rectangle trampolines. They’re designed to fit tight spaces and best for children; they have about 2.4 width and hold a maximum of 180 pounds. They can however be dangerous for very heavy people because of their proximity to the ground. The goodness with these trampolines is their flexibility and durability.

10 feet rectangle trampolines. Small families and young people prefer this ones with a capacity to hold 330 pounds. Because of their longer distance from the ground, they usually come with a safety ladder.

12 feet rectangle trampolines. They are considered to be universal because they’re preferred by very many people. They have a capacity to holds 330 pounds just like the 10 feet but they’re more durable that the rest. This trampolines are recommended for very active jumpers. Usually they also comes with safety ladders but if not, it’s advisable to get one yourself.

13 feet and above trampolines. They have given the heavyweights and the old hope and comfort. This is because they have a higher weight and jumping capacity arising from the position of its mat high above the ground. However, this type can be used by all ages.

Depending on your need and apace availability, one of the rectangular trampolines above will certainly fit you. By now the variety perplexity phobia is gone and you’re about to limit your options to one, but hold still, all you have known is just basic information. Before we show you how your choice will depend on weather, have a look at the comparison between the spring based and the SpringFree as shown below.

Comparison between Spring-based vs Springfree trampoline

Before the advancement in technology, rectangle trampolines were made of metal coil springs that posed danger to children. Actually, they lacked protective padding and other safety measures. Today, the world has successfully managed to evolve giving birth to two main trampolines: Spring based and springfree trampolines.

Spring based rectangle trampolines are made of stretched canvas and springs that are fixed at high tension and hard frame making their shock absorbance rate low; landing on then is therefore rigid. Some however have relaxed tension springs to increase the size of the bounce and to make them relatively less rigid. Their accidents cause head injuries, fractures and lacerations. Most accidents are attributed to this kind of trampolines, but there isn’t reason to worry, another type discussed below will sort you out.

SpringFree trampolines have their jumping surface supported by fiberglass rods. They have an amazing safety adaptation, their jumping surface, trampoline frame and ground are parallel to each other. They don’t make use of metal coils and have their frame beneath the jumping surface hence safest for all; you can’t hit the frame whatsoever. In addition, they have enhanced vigilant features hence most popular and user friendly to people of all ages. Am sure this sounds like your best choice, yes it is.

In USA, a lot of kids are sent to hospital because of injuries associated with trampoline use. Generally SpringFree trampolines are the most preferred. This is because they are safer from accidents for both children and adults; they reduce the number of accidents compared to the spring based. It’s no longer a secret on which of the two is best fitted to meet your family needs, you’re not yet ready to visit a shop to make purchase until you have read a few more tips narrated below. Finally time the long awaited time has come to learn the best trampoline weather cover.

Picking the right rectangular Trampoline Weather Cover

Not many people remember to purchase a weather cover along with their rectangle trampoline, perhaps because of ignorance or assumption that the modern ones are durable. By the mere fact that you’re reading this guide, you cannot be among them. Think about this, it mostly works outdoor all through its lifetime, exposed to different weather, ultraviolet light and humid conditions. Depending on where you live, covers may vary. For instance, people in Pacific Northwest will need a rain cover while the ones in snowy mountains need a winter cover. If you didn’t know, covers are so important that they’re worth to make you spend a few dollars. If you purchase a modern rectangular trampoline, it may come with a cover, but not in all cases.

It’s important to take note that the covers may not cover your trampoline completely but some tarps are really bad, have a short shelf live and are not weather proof. There is clearly need for a diligent selection, that’s why we’re delighted to provide you all you need to know before selection. Trampolines come in different shapes, but if you’re looking for a cover for a rectangular one, the following are critical factors to consider.

Completely fitting. The cover should take the shape of the trampoline, i.e. rectangular. This ensures that all the surface and edges are fully covered and protected. If not properly covered, the edges and legs will get damaged from rust or even lead to mold.

A properly positioned drainage hole. In the purchase of a rectangular cover, drainage is key to lengthen the lifespan of your rectangle trampoline. This will ensure that during heavy rainfall, water freely flows away to curb damage that may arise from accumulation of water in the center of the canvas.

Ultraviolet resistant covers. Durability cannot be achieved until UV light is prevented. During scourging sun, the mat is kept cool and easy hence do not get worn out or stink.

Proper edging. The edges of the cover should be elastic to enable the cover stay tightly held to the frame for long enough covering the whole trampoline.

Rectangular trampolines will give you and your family a good service but it demands care and maintenance beginning with a nice cover as described above. Before we come to the end of this guide, we have no option but to give you a few tips on how to care for your rectangular trampoline and installation procedure after purchase.

How to Care for Your Rectangle Trampoline

When you buy a rectangular trampoline, you will notice that you spend quite a junk of money, of course for a good reason. We have already seen how it can give your family pleasure and elevate health among other benefits. This section deals with measures to put in place to ensure that it lasts long enough to give you intended services and value for your dollars. In this guide were listing five most important measures to put in place. If followed to the latter, optimum performance and long life will be the results.

Only buy original spare parts and use authorized technicians for repair.

If you call quarks to repair or alter the product by purchase of any spare parts, you increase chances of accident which will first cause injury and then damage your rectangular trampoline. The components are specifically designed to support each other such that replacing them annuls some relationship between them. Finally, you lose your warranty upon modification, why attempt?

Carry regular inspection. Depending on the frequency of use, carry regular checks of the frames, bolts, springs and all other components. As above-mentioned, always check the ground level to ensure it hasn’t tilted, always select a horizontal position. Whenever an anomaly is identified, avoid use until fully repaired and properly positioned. Other key checks include: condition of frame connections, fabric deterioration, excess spring stretch, wear and tear.

Adhere to the user instructions that come with it. This is an important procedure that is seldom followed. To begin with, there is what we call assembly instructions. You are advised to follow the instructions to the latter. However, if you are not comfortable setting it up, you can hire an accredited professional. Other instructions on the right humidity and temperature should be fully adhered to also. The manual indicates some restrictions like maximum weight and limit on the number of users, these should be strictly followed.

Keep it clean and water proof. Always use soap and a brittle brush to clean it regularly and store it in a clean environment. Use a cover to maintain it clean throughout. Although it is believed that modern trampoline are designed to last long, it’s good to make a deliberate move to make it waterproof for this will make it last long. If dirt and debris are not removed, they will stuck in the springs and damage the mat. Cleanliness is the key to its long life.

Keep it grounded properly. There are times when it’s really windy and very strong gusts flow which have a capacity to fly away your trampoline.

Proper maintenance will make your trampoline to look new all the time. A few people have managed to maintain theirs, why will you buy it expensively then refuse to maintain it?

Importance of caring for your trampoline

Its common knowledge that maintenance is cheaper than repair. If left till it breaks down, it will attract a cost, repair labor and spare purchase. Proper maintenance will keep your kids safe since the causes of accidents are noticed and repaired prior. In addition, it will keep your kids active for a long time since it will be available to them long enough. If not well maintained, it will break down very fast. Finally, caring is a good investment. Families spend a lot for leisure, movies, parties and more, but investing in caring for your trampoline is worthwhile.

How to Setup a Rectangular Trampoline

Getting your trampoline home isn’t the end of the road. If you have already bought one and looking for further instructions on how to set it up, we are here to help you. Even if you will buy yours in the future, this knowledge is very applicable to you. Usually, there is excitement as soon as it’s delivered especially from children who will want to jump on it the next second. Sometimes these excitements extend to the old, but look, you’d rather be careful. Ignorance of simple basic procedures through haste, can finally have dare consequences. We advise that you take time by being patient till you’re certain of your comprehension about setting it up. We begin by first by informing you that it’s not a hard nut to crack. Are you wondering how to begin? How long do you think it will take and what do you need? Let not your anxiety overwhelm you, we’re here to assist you. Below are steps you will use to set up your rectangular trampoline.

Begin by putting in place the following tools: a power drill, a rubber mallet, a devise that will pull strings, adjustable wrenches and gloves to protect you. If you can get one or two people to assist, you it will be better placed. By now you have already known that you will first select a flat soft ground following the safety detail abovementioned.

The first step is to verify that all the parts are packaged in the box. This is done by taking inventory of all parts as listed and ensure that any additional tools needed are enclosed. Most of them usually come in two to three boxes, ensure you check them all and confirm availability of the guide. Some people have found parts missing in the box. Once everything has been received in good order, lay the parts on the ground on their right area then begin the steps below.

Assemble the frame first. Your trampoline finds its foundation on the frame, it should be setup correctly according the instructions given in your manual. A rectangular frame is simple to put together but diligence must be practiced to do it correctly. Prior knowledge in setting it up can be deceptive since every design and brand comes with unique instructions.

Then add the springs. Placing a jumping pad is a sensitive process which demands that you refer your manual again. Attach all the springs in their respective slots then ensure they are at the right tension. Once they’re all set properly, put a spring cover in place and your jumping pad is complete. However, if you bought a SpringFree trampoline, you’re still on the right track.

Assemble enclosure net/pad. This one keeps your children safe hence needs a lot of attention. The net is to be put correctly according to the instructions given and injuries that may arise from hitting poles are reduced by enclosure pads on every pole.

Hire a professional/watch practical videos. It’s not obvious that everyone will read and understand the instructions. If you consider yourself not competent to set it up, hire an expert. Alternatively, you can watch live videos available online on installation.


Trampolines come in different shapes in addition to the rectangular as discussed above, round, oval and square. Whereas most of the issues addressed in this guide apply to all, you will need a specific guide for different shapes. Varieties and models exist in the market, but based on the guidelines provided in this guide, be sure to make the best choice. We wish you thrilling experience in the trampoline world of possibilities.


Alexey P. , Qualified Electrician and Website Founder

Alexey P. , Qualified Electrician and Website Founder

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