The Best CARB Compliant Generators in the Market Today

In this post, we will review 5 generators that are well-known as CARB compliant.

Yes, all generators that we will discuss here are primarily CARB compliant. This means they can be freely sold and purchased by users in all the 50 states, including California.

This also means good news to many users of the generator in the country since, when making a purchase, they don’t have to worry about CARB compliance issues.

These issues are solved.

Top 5 CARB-Compliant Generators Comparison Chart

Honda EU2200i Portable Generator

Honda EU2200i Portable Generator

  • Incredibly low noise level of 48 – 57 dBA - like a conversation
  • Fuel efficient and Lightweight
  • 3 year residential and commercial warranty
2 Westinghouse WGen9500

Westinghouse WGen9500

💪Heavy Duty Choice
  • 12,500 Peak Watts, 9,500 Running Watts
  • Push-Button Start and Remote Start (Key Fob Included)
  • ✔️ EPA, CSA, CARB Compliant
3 WEN 56203i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56203i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

  • EPA III and CARB-Compliant
  • 79.7cc 4-Stroke OHV engine produces 2000 surge watts and 1700 rated watts
  • Two-year warranty


California Air Resources Board (CARB) is a well-known environmental protection body in the US. Generally speaking, CARB has a mandate focusing on the work of effective limiting of air pollutants with the aim of protecting public welfare, public health and national ecological resources.

CARB is also entrusted with the responsibility of presiding over all coordinated efforts to control air pollution in California. Moreover, CARB is responsible for the maintenance and establishment of the highest possible quality standards for fresh air management in California.

Choose a Ready CARB Compliant Generator

Many other states in the US today have regulations that require that the generators used must comply with the high standards set by CARB. In other words, these states require all use of generators to be CARB compliant.

Thus, if you want a generator that you can use in the long term, it makes good sense to shop for a model that is already CARB approved.

We will now give you the best selection of CARB compliant generators in the market.

Make your choice of the best of the best.

Westinghouse Generator Reviews

Westinghouse WGen9500 – Best Heavy Duty Carb Compliant Generator

The Westinghouse WGen9500 generator is one of the best 9500 watt portable generators that you can get in the market today. This generator is a powerful model that can give you most of your power needs.

Whenever you are desperate for power, particularly during an emergency, you will discover that a 9500 watt generator is sufficient to do everything that you want. This generator is also useful as a source for power backup at home.

It can work wonders during natural disasters and other times.

It does not matter the season that you are dealing with; the Westinghouse 9500 watt generator will always do you proud by effectively supplying all your power needs. Indeed, the Westinghouse 9500 generator is capable of supplying all the demanding jobsite power requirements.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Westinghouse WGen9500 portable generator is probably among the best portable generators that you can get in the modern market. It has superb power output and is quite reliable.

You will find this generator’s fuel economy to be simply outstanding.

Moreover, the WGen9500 is one of the most affordable models of generators of its type. Further, this machine is tough enough to help you cope with all your power needs, including the jobsite and residential power needs.


  • Gas capacity: 12,500w / 9,500w
  • 11,200w / 8,500w (propane)
  • Maximum 12.5 hr. run time carrying a 50% load.
  • Cast iron sleeve 457cc Westinghouse engine.
  • Features duplex receptacles 2x GFCI 120V.
  • Comes designed with a transfer switch
  • Features volts, lifetime hours and frequency.
  • Weight: 190 lbs.
  • Offers a 3-Year Warranty
  • Is CARB, EPA, and CSA certified.

Westinghouse WGen7500DF Generator


  • Gas: Offers 7500 w running and 9,500W starting watts.
  • Propane: Offers 6750 w and 8,550W starting watts.
  • Runs for maximum 16 hours carrying a 25% Load
  • Runs for a maximum 11 hours carrying a 25% Load, using 20 lb. tank fuel.
  • Noise Level rating: Very low at 74 dBA.
  • Certified in all 50 US states: It means it is EPA, CARB Compliant and CSA compliant.
  • Engine: OHV 4 stroke 420cc Westinghouse OHV 4 Stroke.
  • Comes designed with a transfer switch.
  • Can be started using the remote start or push button option.
  • Features an electric push button Start as well as a remote key fob.
  • Can be manually operated.

The Westinghouse WGen7500DF is one of the highly recommended modern dual fuel generators. One of the greatest advantages of dual fuel generators is that they allow you to run them using either propane or gas fuel.

It is generally advantageous to use propane since you can store it for a long time and it won’t get spoilt. Moreover, propane is also stored in a sealed container. Thus, most users consider propane to be a convenient and safer option compared to gasoline.

It is notable that the original model of the Westinghouse WGen7500 generator was a gas-only operated machine.

Keep in mind that running a dual fuel generator usually means a slight loss of power. This may be the only disadvantage associated with using propane as a source of fuel. Subsequently, the manufacturers later produced an upgraded version of this generator that could be run using gasoline or propane.

The dual fuel model of the WGen 7500 generator is slightly more costly than the gas- run model but this is something that gives you more value for your money.

The WEN 56203i – Best Lightweight and Quiet Carb Compliant Generator

A 2000 watt generator can make you proud, depending on the type of devices that you want to power. If you want to get a portable generator that you can use to run several appliances during those awful moments of a power blackout, go for a 2000-watt generator.

This type of machine is especially useful for tailgating parties or camping trips that require you to have a portable source of power ready. You can use this generator to run several small devices or one bigger device at home or away. You can get supplied with such power and still carry around this generator quite easily.

One of the best examples of a compact 2000 watt generator is the WEN 56203i generator. This machine is so excellent that it will provide you with all the power needs to run multiple appliances and tools at home.

With this small, powerful machine, you have no need to worry about the noise levels since the generator is generally a quiet machine. Indeed, the WEN 56203i is designed to be among the quietest generators of its type that you can get. This makes the machine pretty ideal for use in residential areas.

Ease of Use

It is easy to discover just why the WEN 56203i generator is designed with such beautiful portability. It is generally quite easy to carry. As soon as you get this great machine it becomes obvious that it was made to do the best job.

The generator comes designed with an integrated handle and a small frame which are found on top of the machine. This makes it easy to carry, notwithstanding that it weighs about 40 lb. Yes, with these wonderful features, carrying the generator is simply a breeze. Actually anyone who needs to carry this generator for any reason will be able to do so.

On the front section of the generator, you will discover that the machine’s front panel is also easy to use. The panel is clearly labeled in locations that may be easily accessed.

Although the WEN 56203i generator is relatively small, as soon as you buy it you will discover that it comes loaded with several outlets. This are great and offer you a nice selection whenever you want to plug up your devices and electronics.

It is true that the WEN56203i model of generator is not designed with any twist lock outlets. While this may be a definite disadvantage, note that many other machines of this power quality and range are unable to support a large variety of appliances using the outlets.

A-iPower SUA2000iV – Cheapest Carb Compliant Generator

There is no doubt that the A-iPower SUA2000iV generator is, indeed, one of the best CARB compliant generators that anyone can acquire easily.

Actually, despite the fact that this machine comes cheap, it is a versatile unit that you can use to run plenty of small household equipment during emergency.

This model of the A-Power SUA generator comes highly recommended as ideal for a variety of uses at home or while in your camping trip.

Features of the A-iPower SUA2000iV / 2000W Generator

The A-Power SUA 2000iV generator comes with the following features:


  • Power : 2000W / 1600W rated
  • Engine: Cast iron sleeves 79cc Senci engine.
  • Run-time: Can run for a maximum 7 hours carrying a 50% load) or 4 hours at rated load.
  • 120V 20A NEMA 5(outlets)20R Outlet / 120V 30A .
  • Also NEMA L5-30R / 12V DC 8.3A.
  • Fuel Tank : 1.1 gallon equivalent to 4.2l.
  • Size : 21″ x 12.5″ x 19″
  • Noise Level rating: 58dB (50% Load)
  • Also 68dB at 75% Load– 21 ft.
  • Weight : 46 lbs.
  • Comes Parallel ready
  • CARB compliant / Low Idle Mode.
  • Comes with a 2-year commercial warranty.

Overall, you can call the A-iPower SUA 2000 watt generators as one of the best buys that you can get.

Champion 4000-Watt RV Ready DH- Best RV Ready Carb Compliant Generator

The Champion 4000-watt RV ready DH is certainly one of the best CARB compliant generators that you can enjoy any day. With this machine, you can happily run your equipment, well-assured that the CARB compliance business is taken care of. Moreover, this generator can be legally used in any of the 50 states of the US, including California.

When you buy the Champion 4000 watt generator, you get a remarkably designed RV-ready unit. Indeed, you will quickly discover that the generator also comes with plenty of functions and features that are not easily found in other modest generators of its type.

As its name suggests, the Champion generator is a true champion that will supply you with lots of power for your daily needs. This generator can easily handle a bigger load and comes with impressive starting and running watts.

You will find this generator pretty well-designed; the type of machine that provides clean power that you can use to run your sensitive common household devices. It also offers an economy mode and a remarkable extended run time.


  • Advanced Digital Hybrid Design.
  • 20% lighter and 50% quieter than the traditional Champion 3500-watt generator.
  • It comes with the economy mode feature.
  • It extends the engine life by saving on fuel.
  • Utilizes the quiet technology and offers an extended run time.
  • The noise rating is 64 dBA. This is ideal for tailgating, RVs, home backup or your next project.
  • Has a 3500 running and 4000 starting watts
  • Provides a maximum 17 hours run time on gasoline
  • Gives you clean electricity that is useful for sensitive electronics
  • Comes RV Ready
  • The outlets offer clean power. The rate is under 3% THD)
  • The generator’s 12V DC outlet features a dual USB adapter
  • It is designed parallel ready
  • Increase your power output when you connect it to a maximum two 2800-watt inverter/ digital hybrid, working with the optional parallel kit.
  • Offers a 3-year limited warranty
  • Comes with free lifetime technical support offered by dedicated experts

What is Meant By a CARB Compliant Generator?

A California Air Resources Board (or CARB) compliant generator is the type of generator that aligns with the high standards set by this board with the purpose of reducing air pollution within the state. Thus generators that meet the CARB’s general regulations and rules are referred to as CARB compliant generators.

Notably, even CARB compliant units generally release gases in smaller quantities. The difference is that generators that do not comply with CARB standards usually emit higher levels of gases.

Overall, CARB compliant generators are way safer to use, considering the climatic and environmental factors.

CARB compliant generators are highly recommended.

Is It Permissible to Use a Non-CARB Compliant Generator in California State?

The answer is No!

You cannot be allowed to use a generator that does not comply with the high standards set by CARB in California State.

By all means, it is expected that your generator must meet all the set rules and regulations by the California Air Regulations Board. These regulations govern the shipping and use of such generators in California State.

Note that there are several other states in the US that also abide by these regulations by the CARB for air pollution reduction. This means you must use CARB compliant generators in these states as well.

Final Thoughts:

It is a fact that generators are important to keep our lives running, particularly during times of power outages. Regardless, if not well regulated, generators can also contribute to air pollution.

The reason is that most of these machines run on propane and diesel. These fuels have different levels of harmful pollutants including sulfuric oxide and carbon monoxide.

Thus, it is wise to use a CARB compliant generator to protect our climatic and environmental resources.

Choose the best CARB compliant generator from our list of the excellent recommended generators here.