The Famous Caterpillar Generator: Combining Fame & Quality in a World-Class Product

The brand Caterpillar is a well-known household name around the world. Indeed, Caterpillar is famous for manufacturing some of the finest ever power generators in the world.

Moreover, Caterpillar is well-known for producing excellent industrial engines that run for thousands of hours without the need for regular maintenance.

Top Four Caterpillar Generators Comparison

CAT RP7500 E Carb Compliant Generator

CAT RP7500 E Carb Compliant Generator

  • Higher running wattage for light industrial usage
  • Keeps you working for up to 11 hours
  • EPA Compliant
2 CAT RP3600 Portable Generator

CAT RP3600 Portable Generator

  • Can power AC on an average recreational vehicle
  • Powers your fun for up to 13.5 hours
  • EPA Compliant
3 CAT INV2000 Quiet Inverter Generator

CAT INV2000 Quiet Inverter Generator

  • 6 hrs run time at 50% load
  • Quiet running - meets National Park Service campground requirements
  • DOUBLE your power by paralleling with another INV2000


Once you purchase one of these excellent units of generators, you are assured that your machine is available to give you power for standby emergency or for use in prime times when you most need it.

The first caterpillar generators came into the market in the 1930s and quickly sold like hotcakes. Caterpillar is today famed for producing a wide variety of generator sets that are reputable, powerful, and reliable. Moreover, Caterpillar generators are popular and commonly used in broad areas, including construction sites, hospitals, offices, and schools.

Caterpillar Generator Reviews

Caterpillar Cat RP7500E

The caterpillar CAT RP7500E generator comes designed with an efficient low vibration engine and a robust steel frame.

The Cat RP7500E generator is typically designed for those who require backup power while working at a job site. The main reason is that this machine is well-engineered to deal with knocks, bumps, other daily demands that keep people efficiently working and tools running.

Moreover, the generator comes with a bevy of great standard features, which include: a beautiful custom muffler heat shielding, a premium class-H insulation, and a 24-hour customer care support.

It is clear that the CAT RP7500E is a beautiful 7500 w job site generator. It is truly a model you can always rely on for excellent quality.


  • Runs for a maximum 11 hours  working at  a 50% load
  • Comes with a 420cc engine and an electric start
  • Power: Features a 9375 starting w and 7500W running watts.
  • Features a control panel that is LED illuminated.
  • Features a fuel tank that is anti-corrosion-treated
  • The digital display features hours, voltage, and frequency.
  • Runs heavy-duty power tools.
  • The protected outlets are useful for keeping out water & dust
  • The Cat-RP7500E generator’s display comes with an elegant design. This is useful for enhancing the quality of industrial generators.
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Comes with a robust, heavy-duty frame,
  • Comes with a hinged handle and never-flat wheels
  • Features a safe custom muffler heat shielding
  • Features a fuel gauge
  • All-steel construction
  • Engineered to run quietly
  • Waterproof outlet covers and recessed sockets
  • Features a Lithium-Ion battery
  • Has an electric/recoil start (
  • When running automatically charges the battery

In our modern world, more people prefer to use gas-powered generators.

This is because the generators come with lots of benefits regardless of what you need the unit for. Actually, a CAT RP7500E generator is the type of machine that everyone would love to own.

Caterpillar CAT RP3600

The Caterpillar CAT RP3600 generator strikes a great balance between power, quality, reliability, and convenient features.

CAT RP 3600 generator is a brand that is well synonymous with work-grade equipment. Do you want a well-designed generator that offers you quality?

This is the right generator.

Moreover, if you value the quality of durability, this gas-powered generator that features a 3600 running and 4500 starting watts will make you proud.

The CAT RP 3600 generator comes with several remarkable features. This includes a beautiful LED panel, full CARB compliance, well-fitting outlet covers, and more.

The CAT RP3600 is typically an open- frame portable generator that is run using gasoline. Since the generator features 3600 running watts, this means it can power anything ranging from a circular job site power saw to a 1/2hp air compressor.

Automatic Voltage Regulation

This machine also features a 212 cc commercial-grade OHV engine. Moreover, it has a sturdy steel frame that serves to protect the generators’ internal components from damage.

You can entirely rely on the CAT RP3600 generator to deliver a stable 120V AC power for your home appliances in case of an outage.

The generator’s AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) feature also ensures that your devices run safely using a steady electricity supply.

If a hurricane interferes with the power grid, for instance, you can always rely on the RP 3600 generator to provide you with electricity for essential appliances. This includes the refrigerator, a sump pump, and a few lights in essential parts of the house.

Caterpillar CAT INV2000

The Cat INV2000 is a compact, lightweight, and quiet portable generator. It has a starting wattage of 2250 and a rated wattage of 1800 W.

The generator provides a clean, reliable source of power that outperforms similar generator models in its class. The generator can power up your tailgating party, campsite, and a host of outdoor using its clean, quiet power.

Moreover, the Cat Inverter 2000 comes with a modern technology that provides high-quality power. This type of energy is safe for powering your sensitive electronics.

The machine’s full panel GFCI makes the generator quite safe for your use, friends, and family.

Thus the Cat INV2000 is a small portable generator that works well for a variety of activities like:

  • Camping and tailgating enthusiasts who want a functional portable power source
  • Amateur DIY enthusiasts
  • Professionals who plan to work and shun interruptions during a power outage

CAT INV2000 Produces a Clean Sine Wave

The Cat INV2000’s design features a 79.7 cc OHV 4-stroke engine that is powered using gasoline.

The generator has a 120V output, which offers a peak wattage of 2250w and a running wattage of 1800w.

This inverter generator has a noise rating of 52 dBA.This is just a little noisier than the sound of falling rainfall).

The machine’s starting mechanism features the traditional pull-start mechanism.

The engines’ 1-gallon fuel capacity allows the INV2000 generator to operate for a maximum of 10 hours with its tank full.

Further, the CAT INV2000 generator is legendary for producing a clean sine wave rated at <3% Total Harmonic Disruption (THD). This is great for running your sensitive electronics that can be plugged safely into the AC outlets.

The CAT INV2000 generator is generally a portable, lightweight generator since it weighs just 48.8 lbs.

One person can easily move the machine. You can, thus, enjoy its power while on-the-go. The machine’s convenience is further enhanced by the useful handle (molded in the case). This allows you to carry it well with ease.

The CAT RP12000E

The Cat RP12000E is yet another brand of a robust open frame portable generator.

The generator comes with 15000 w starting and 12000w rated wattage.

This generator represents an excellent choice for any of your jobs that call for lots of power. This is because the Cat RP12000 E generator can deliver a 12kW of long-lasting power. It is ideal for heavy-duty applications.

The machine comes in a beautifully balanced, fuss-free design.

The Conveniently Built CAT RP12000E

Yes, the RP12000 E generator is the perfect machine for use by the typical homeowner with plenty of power needs or the contractor who desires some flexibility and premium features offered by a portable generator.

The generator is conveniently built with a motor rated at 670cc V-Twin OHV. It offers low harmonic distortion and comes in an all –copper body. The control panel is essentially premium class.

This utility generator delivers high-quality durable power.

Overall, the Cat RP12000 E generator is a popular portable generator that is generally ideal for the following purposes:

  • Professionals who want to power useful lighting devices or high-intensity work equipment safely.
  • Homeowners who need a backup power source for safety in case of a power outage.

Emission Rates

The Cat RP12000E is both CRB compliant and EPA-approved. Thus, its sale and purchase are permitted in all the 50 US states, including California.

Who Makes Caterpillar Generators?

The Caterpillar Company is today famous and widely respected all over the world for its durable, high-quality tractors, generators, and other products.

The company is the manufacturer of the famous Caterpillar brand of generators.

Caterpillar and its CAT generators have been celebrated and popular for many decades in the US. Indeed, the brand enjoys a rich history that connects well with the industrial-grade technology that millions of people enjoy today.

To some, the brand name Caterpillar can be intriguing.

Nevertheless, the interesting question is: who first established the well-known Caterpillar name?

Benjamin Holt is hailed as the ‘Father of Caterpillar.’

Benjamin is the renowned American investor and entrepreneur who came up with the design of the first-ever crawler-type tread that is generally associated with the Caterpillar model of tractors.

The Holt Manufacturing Company later trademarked the “Caterpillar” brand for the first time in 1910.

In the early 1930s, Caterpillar came to adopt the signature “Hi-Way Yellow” color theme.

Final Thoughts

We all know that we cannot predict what nature will do soon. Moreover, we cannot control what will happen. We have to be prepared for natural disasters and other associated damages that can occur unannounced.

It is wise to prepare for the worst before anything happens.

It is true that we still hope that nothing is ever going to happen.

Many times that is the case. Regardless, if any of these disasters came upon us, it’s much better if we are prepared.

One excellent way to prepare for a natural disaster is to ensure that your family will continue to have electricity and enjoy quality life long after the regular power grid is gone.

Caterpillar generators are among the best generators that can help you at such times. You can choose one of the excellent generator models that are presented here.

This is a great way to prepare for anything that can happen in the future.

Yes, it’s time to make your choice!